Dissolving Dermal-Filler

Watch this dollop of Restylane Lyft disappear in seconds when doused with dissolvant Vitrase**. There are SO many things to love about dermal-filler, but one of the best things about it? DERMAL-FILLERS* ARE COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE! Whether for aesthetic or safety reasons, if your HA-filler needs to be removed -- it just needs a hit of the proper dissolvant to melt it instantly^ away. Some caveats to this: * Only hyularonic-acid based fillers can be dissolved, which fortunately includes the vast majority of the most popular choices. (Sculptra and Radiesse are the 2x biggies that cannot be dissolved.) ** There are multiple products that can be used to dissolve filler, Vitrase is featured here. ^ The sturdier / thicker the filler, the more Vitrase/time is needed to completely dissolve the product away. The product featured here is Restylane Lyft, and you can see that it melts within seconds. Products like Voluma, Vollure, and Refyne may need multiple hits of Vitrase in order to fully dissolve it. What happens to the Vitrase and dissolved product? Your body absorbs everything and flushes it out with your normal waste. For more information, please visit our website aboutfaceskincare.com