Restylane Lyft Blob VS. Restylane Refyne Blob

There are different dermal-fillers for different needs, and the formulations keep getting more and more sophisticated and specialized. Witness here the structural-cohesivity of Restylane Lyft (on the Left), and the flexible-volume of Restylane Refyne (on the Right). Lyft (on the Left) wants to stick together, no matter what, and is wonderful product for adding structure and definition to the face in areas such as the cheeks, jawline, or temples. Refyne (on the Right) meanwhile, is designed for areas of the face that move a lot, such as lips, and the areas around the mouth. Refyne is meant to always bounce / pull back into shape, so you look natural no matter your facial expression. It is so satisfying to have such specialized products available in our arsenal, this way everyone is enabled to receive a completely customized treatment.