Have a big event coming up?


It’s a little counter-intuitive, but some of the best things you can do to get your skin in tip-top shape has?nothing to do with what you’re actually putting on your skin.


Read on for a quick crash-course in small (but mighty) changes you can make to keep your skin looking it’s healthiest best in time for any occasion.


Tony Silla, skincare expert and owner of the Face Place in LA,?which caters to celebrities like Emmy Rossum, Mary-Louise Parker and Sofia Coppola,?kindly supplied us with five basic pointers for getting skin in awesome condition for an important event.

philly healthy skin1. Healthy Skin Starts With Healthy Eating

Silla stresses the immense importance of overall diet and nutrition.

“Stay away from sugar and salt the week before [a big event] as these can contribute to?puffiness and fluid retention in the face,” he?says.

He also noted that one of the biggest mistakes he sees clients make regularly is “not taking care of their diet and lifestyle and [not] realizing the impact this has.”

2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep was another huge component of Silla’s strategy for event-ready skin.

“Ensure enough sleep in the weeks leading up to the event, with head elevated to ensure no excess fluid around the face and no swelling around the eyes,” he wrote.

Be sure to budget time for enough sleep and rest before any big, super-photographed events in your life (and definitely no staying up late the night before).

skin hydration philadelphia3. Splurge On Some Things, But Not Everything

Silla surprisingly wrote that you don’t necessarily need to splurge on every item in your skincare routine to ensure great results.

“You can save on a gentle cleanser for example, and invest in a results-focused serum packed with power ingredients.”

However, he also stressed that it’s important to not over-stimulate the skin with harsh products ? so when going for cheaper options just make sure they don’t actively irritate your skin.

4. Be Consistent!

Silla listed not being consistent with a skincare routine and constantly changing regimes as the number one mistake he sees his clients make most regularly (followed closely by not cleansing properly and using overly-harsh products). Having a little patience and making sure you commit to a morning and evening routine is one of the easiest ? and most effective ? things you can do for your skin.


5. Keep It Hydrated

While it might not sound exciting, Silla also noted the tremendous importance of just keeping your skin hydrated. In fact he said proper hydration is one of his absolute top tips for event-prep, writing that you should work on this on both the product and diet front.

There’s nothing like loving the way your skin looks and feels ? especially on important days or events when you really want to feel your best. If you’re getting ready for a red carpet level event of your own, just remember to get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, and stick to your routine!