Bring your favorite Botox-Virgin (BFF/ coworker / family member) with you for a joint Botox Cosmetic treatment, and you’ll both enjoy:

  • $11.00/unit Promo Pricing (Regularly $13.00/unit)
  • 1x Sente Dermal Repair Cream: Botox’s Best Friend! Enhance your injection results with this Anti-Aging All-In-One product. ($150 value)
  • The pleasure of each other’s company. 🙂
  • BONUS! First 24x people seen will get Sente Gift Bag ($150 value)

Each of our injectors will be available for ONE day:

  • Monday, July 30th: Sarah Sidiqi (10:00am to 6:00pm)
  • Tuesday, July 31st: Nicole Ciasullo (10:00am to 6:00pm)
  • Wednesday, August 1st: Lauren Zallie (11:00am to 7:00pm)

To schedule, call us at 215-923-5001 or CLICK HERE.
(If scheduling online, please include contact information; Name, Phone, Email, of the BFF you’re bringing.)

Best Friends Day Fine Print

  • Promotion only available from 7/30/18 through 8/1/18.
  • Each person must get a Botox treatment to be eligible for promotion. (Minimum of 30x units per person, treatments can occur anywhere on face / neck. Treatment-area options pictured below.)
  • To be eligible, you must bring at least one Botox virgin with you.
  • No participant can have received Botox within the past 90-days.
  • Aside from BD points, NO other promotions / coupons / rebates can be used with this special.


Best Friends Day FAQ

Q: Do you have more than one person you’d like to bring?

A: The more the merrier! You are welcome to bring up to 4x people with you, however please make sure to let us know at time of scheduling so that appropriate time is blocked off for your entourage.


Q: Who can you not bring?

A: Your guest must be at least 18-years old, and cannot have previously had Botox before. (Past Dysport treatments are fine.)


Q: You are not due for a Botox treatment, but do you have people you’d like to send?

A: Unfortunately this is a one-time event, however if you are not due for your Botox fix — your desired attendees can still take advantage of this offer. As long as they tell us that YOU are the referral source, you’ll enjoy a $50 Gift Certificate per person you send. (Alternatively, you’re welcome to come in to treat new, additional areas. See illustration above for options!)


Q: Are you interested in simultaneous dermal-filler treatments?

A: To accommodate the popularity of this event, only Botox treatments will be offered for those partaking in the special. We’d love to talk to you about dermal-filler, however we would have to schedule another day to do this.


Q: Do you have existing BD Reward Points?

A: Great! They’re eligible for use during this promo for even more savings! (Aside from BD points, no other promotions / coupons / rebates can be used with this special.)

If you have additional questions, please call us at 215-923-5001.