My boyfriend has brown eyes that are so dark they sometimes look black. Although I have used Latisse for years, the topic only recently came up in conversation with him.

Even though he knows I work in the skin care industry, and openly experiment with every new product and treatment that crosses my desk, he reacted to the Latisse news with shock and horror.

“Latisse? Doesn’t that turn people’s eyes brown?!”

When my seriously heterosexual, brown-eyed boyfriend that doesn’t know shampoo from conditioner is this worried about the side-effects of Latisse, I realized that this eye-color-changing rumor must be an extremely wide-spread beauty urban legend that deserved to be addressed.

First and foremost, bimatoprost (the clinical, official name of “Latisse”) has been clinically trialed by Allergan and by individual doctors who were closely monitoring their patients. NO documented cases of iris color change have been reported BY PATIENTS USING LATISSE AS PRESCRIBED.

The eye-lash enhancing effects of bimatoprost were discovered by accident. Bimatoprost is a medication that has long been used in the treatment of glaucoma, and when these patients all reported growing thick, lush lashes as a happy side-effect of their glaucoma treatment, the pharmaceutical company behind it decided to also market the product for aesthetic purposes. The only instances in which eye-color changes have been reported (to date) are by patients using bimatoprost as an eye-drop for glaucoma treatment – and the percentage of cases where this has happened in glaucoma patients is such a minute number that it carries a very small risk even within that large group.

When using Latisse for lash growth, you are NOT putting the serum in your eye, instead only around the perimeter of your eye– and if some were to accidentally seep into your eye, the risk of iris color change is so minimal that it isn’t even worth mentioning.

Of course, if you decided to apply the Latisse as an eye-drop into your eye for an extended period of time (say, the next few years), then you *might* be at risk for some pigment changes – but you would also be using this in a manner NOT prescribed for lash growth. (Not to mention, you’d be basically throwing thousands of dollars out the window if this was your method of Latisse application.)

Our office performed extensive research on Latisse before we decided to offer it to our patients. (After all, it IS a medication, we are talking about peoples’ eyes, and when we are dealing with other peoples’ health we are not one to make uninformed decisions!) After tons of clinical reading, and a very thorough conversations with our Allergan contacts, we feel extremely comfortable making this product available to people with ANY color eyes.

In fact– Allergan believes SO strongly that Latisse is completely safe for use with any color eyes that they specifically tap light-eyed celebrities to be the product’s spokemodels. Both Brooke Shields and Claire Danes are world-famous actresses with well-known blue eyes. Both followed the prescribed Latisse treatment regimen, and both then showcased their still blue eyes, now framed with majorly lush lashes.

Brooke Shields eye color Latisse blue Claire Danes blue eyes after Latisse

The ingredients that make Latisse, Latisse, have been successfully used to treat glaucoma with minimal to no side effects for YEARS, and the proper application for eye-lash growth is minimally invasive to the eye itself (if at all), and poses virtually no side effects. None of our patients have ever reported eye-color changes, and the only feed-back we do get is consistent raves about the longer, darker, thicker eye-lashes they now have.

Our business owner Naomi Fenlin has extremely light, baby-blue eyes, and has been using Latisse daily for almost 4-years! The color of her peepers haven’t changed a speck. Me? My eyes are brown to begin with, which makes it all the more laughable that my boyfriend was so concerned about Latisse’s possible eye-color changing effects. (God forbid my brown eyes turn browner?)

Moral of the story: do your own research before you buy into the negative hype and paranoia surrounding anything! (And in this case, don’t miss out on gorgeous, real eye-lashes for fear of side effects that have not been an issue to those using this as directed!)