In other whoreish news, 17-year old Kylie Jenner is now a spokesmodel for antiaging skincare brand NIP+FAB*.

This makes me feel alllll kinds of ways?

On the one hand: what a brilliant move! Hire a social-media savvy teenager to maximize publicity. And, what other teenager could be as controversial (and attention getting) than the youngest Kardashian (err? Jenner)? I live and breathe skincare ALL day EVERY day, and previously had never heard of NIP+FAB, and yet now thanks to this bold move I?m blogging about both she and them.

On the other hand…


As a publicity stunt, this was awesome. Hiring Jenner has already gotten NIP+FAB unprecedented amounts of media coverage with national outlets such as WWD, Glamour Magazine, and Perez Hilton writing about (and linking back to) them. ?Just typing in ?Kylie_Jenner_NIP+FAB? into Google resulted in over 26-thousand hits! Even if the hype surrounding this partnership is short-lived (and people aren?t talking about it anymore within a week or two,) N+F has still gained a ridiculous amount of exposure from this ridiculous pairing.

Kylie jenner skincare philadelphia

On the topic of Kylie Jenner: The stubborn part of me refuses to even click on a link regarding N+F to further suss them out -? I am with-holding my clicks in protest of justifying such a cheap (albeit tactical and brilliant) move, and yet? here I am, still blogging about it.

In the end, there is just something that feels really sad about this. Yes, Kylie is only 17, but no one in her family looks at her like the child she is. Instead she is just another pawn in their endless game of money-grubbing and attention-seeking. Kylie is a beautiful girl that was never given the chance to be a child, and her life is only measured by dollar-signs and Instagram followers. (I mean, since when did 17 look like this?! WHY should 17 ever look like this?) Exposed to a flashy adult world for her entire life, at her young age she has already experienced life events that most adults work years to achieve, and look forward to. What contentment can her future ever hold?

Although her life might seem glamorous on paper — any beauty/hair/skin treatment she can imagine, all the designer apparel her heart could want, more money than she?ll know what to do with ?- you can?t deny that there is something kind of pathetic about a person (and family) whose every move she is dictated by money and endorsements. It will be interesting to witness what extremes this family will go to in order to stay relevant and talked about because this reign cannot last forever. And, once the public stops caring about the family name, the endorsement deals go caput. Once the endorsements dry up, it?s hard to predict what they will have to fall back on. (Talent? Financial savings? Um.)

Back to the topic of teenage skin care: The only skin care that EVERY teenager should be using is sunscreen. Period. Although it might go unappreciated (youth often is), teenagers have beautiful, healthy skin that is still full of collagen and elastin. Everything is tight and vibrant and where it needs to be. Aging is not a concern.

As a preventative measure however, sunscreen should be used by everyone, every day.

We tell every teenager we see ?- using sunscreen now is the BEST decision you can make for your skin. Although teens might not see the value today, trust us when we say that your future-self is going to be SO thankful of your skin foresight.

But, Kylie?s not hawking a sunscreen company. (Which would have been awesome! If there was a brand of sunscreens that was geared towards teens, and had really cute packaging and branding, she would be THE perfect person and that’s a campaign I could fully get behind and support.) Instead she?s the ?face? of a skincare company that makes predominantly antiaging products**. I mean, why pick Kylie instead of North West or one of the other little Kardashian toddlers? (Mason? The newborn?) A baby fronting antiaging products would make as much sense as a teenager -? neither have any need! ?

And. That is the end of my rant. I realize I?m playing right into their trap -? still here talking about a move that was surely only for publicity — but in my own stubborn mind, I?m fighting the good fight: rallying for sunscreen, and NOT linking ANYWHERE on here to either a Kardashian or N+F jawn. Booyah!


*What kind of name is Nip + Fab, anyway? It sounds like it should be a body-contouring bra, not a skincare company?!
** Full disclosure; since I REFUSE to click on any N+F links, my knowledge of their product offerings comes purely from the Perez, Vogue, Glamour, etc., articles I read about this topic.


Photo courtesy of Nip + Fab