Vital Proteins Professional Bioactive Collagen Complex


Professional Collagen Powder for Skin, Hair, and Nails with Antioxidant Support

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This daily supplement features a combination of clinically-backed ingredients, each proven to promote skin health.** Add this powder to your beverage of choice, and enjoy the benefits of this propietary product.

Bioactive Collagen Complex:

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts skin elasticity
  • Hair and nail support
  • Enhances skin resilience to environmental stressors
  • Boosts antioxidant expression
  • Supports skin hydration
  • Promotes collagen synthesis
  • Developed by team of leading doctors and nurtition experts
  • Every included ingredient is designed to support skin structure, hydration, and improve skin’s resilience to environmental stressors

What is Collagen? 

As the body’s most abundant protein, collagen provides structure, strength and flexibility to bones, tendons, skin, hair and nails. While collagen is naturally occurring in the human body, its production begins to decline at age 25.

What are Collagen Peptides?

Normal Collagen molecules are so large they can not be digested when ingested. Collagen Peptides are the result of carefully applied heat and enzymatic breakdown to make smaller “colalgen chains” (aka peptides) that the body can easily absorb and efficiently use. (Over 90% of the collagen peptides appear in our bloodstream within a few hours of ingesting it!)

This Professional version of Vital Proteins Includes Verisol:

VERISOL is a complex of collagen peptides with a unique peptide profile that was created to increase collagen production, and help combat the collagen lost through aging and environmental stressors.

How to use?

Vital Proteins Professional Bioactive Collagen Complex is an unflavored powder that easily dissolves in your choice of hot or cold beverage. Add a scoop to your water, coffee or smoothie, and enjoy all the benefits.

How is BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN COMPLEX Skin Hydration and Antioxidant Support different from Collagen Peptides?
• It was formulated with a team of leading nutrition experts.
• It contains VERISOL®, bioactive collagen peptides designed to deliver clinical results.
• BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN COMPLEX Skin Hydration and Antioxidant Support** provides Holimel® Melon Juice Concentrate, LycoBeads® Natural Tomato Lycopene, LA1 probiotic, hyaluronic acid, and PureWay-C™ Liposomal Vitamin C.

Why does my water turn pink when I add BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN COMPLEX Skin Hydration and Antioxidant Support?
Lycobeads® Natural Tomato Lycopene contributes a light pink color when added to clear liquids.

How long should it be taken?
Results have been seen in 2 months for skin, 4 months for nails and 6 months for hair. However, we recommend daily use of this product as part of a long-term wellness routine to support continued benefits.

Do the antioxidants in this replace the need for sunscreen?
While the ingredients in the product help support the skin’s natural resilience to environmental stressors,** they do not replace the need for sunscreen and UV-protective clothing.