The newest in skin-resurfacing treatments is the “Hydra Plus” by MIRApeel. This skincare treatment fuses two unique technologies—wet abrasion and wet microneedling—into a single treatment.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1
For about 10 minutes, the top, outermost layers of skin are gently and safely exfoliated with a specially designed razor-like tip that is chosen per your specific skin type and concerns. Simultaneously, your skin is being infused with customized, medicated serums that are helping to flush everything out of your pores AND a vacuum is essentially sucking-up the excess liquid and skin-debris. By removing the layer of dead-skin, your skin is prepped to better receive what’s to come in step two.

Step 2 (Optional) 
Teeny micro-needles are rolled across the skin paired with another custom-selected serum. This “wet micro-protrusion” is essentially a form of microneedling with the addition of a wet component (here, it’s the use of serums). The micro-needling helps stimulate collagen production and helps with the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, and the channels created by the micro-needles allow the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin, resulting in a better outcome. (Because the micro-needling is so gentle, no numbing is needed to make this part comfortable.)

Step 3
A soothing sheet-mask is applied to your skin. While the sheet-mask is on your skin, your treatment provider will massage the treated areas with an LED light (they will customize the light used depending on your needs).

LED Light Massage

Think of this as the Hydrafacial on steroids. 

Treatments are completely customizable, and depending on specific needs — the Hydra Plus can be received weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. (It is recommended to have six to eight bi-weekly / monthly sessions followed by quarterly maintenance are recommended to see maximum results.)

Your skin will be glowing immediately after treatment, and this is ideal for regular skin maintenance, preparation for a special event, or an additional option to help correct a wide-variety of skin concerns (i.e. dry skin, age spots, congested skin, and even premature aging.)

This treamtent-protocol was created in Germany, and this treatment has a cult-following in Europe.

Safe for all skin-types.