Sculptra Butt Lift Injections in Philadelphia, PA

Looking for a way to improve the fullness of your buttocks? Then consider scheduling our Sculptra butt lift injections! This popular cosmetic procedure is an effective method of achieving more shapely buttocks, and you can get it performed now at About Face Skin Care.

What Are Sculptra Butt Lift Injections?

If you want to know what a Sculptra butt lift is, you first need to learn about the injectable filler that makes the procedure possible. Sculptra Aesthetic is a poly-L lactic acid filler that encourages the production of collagen in the region the injection took place. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the skin—and other parts of the body, such as ligaments and tendons—that provides structure. With a Sculptra injection, collagen can be restored to areas where it has been lost.

The regenerative effects of Sculptra Aesthetic have made it a popular filler for those who want to eliminate or reduce facial wrinkles, which are caused by an absence of collagen. However, Sculptra’s ability to encourage the growth of collagen has led to its usage in other parts of the body, including the buttocks.

Collagen can diminish because of aging, weight loss, childbirth, and other factors. Thankfully, Sculptra butt lift injections provide individuals with an opportunity to restore volume to their buttocks. By stimulating the development of collagen, individuals can achieve a rounder and more contoured buttocks.

What Are the Benefits of Sculptra Butt Lift Services?

As you’re aware, Sculptra for buttocks is an excellent way for clients to improve the look of their butt. The Sculptra is also useful for targeting specific areas which can’t be reached by dieting, allowing injections to fill in places they otherwise would have trouble with.

Sculptra butt lift injections are perfect for people who want to enhance their buttocks without using implants. Surgery procedures for butt augmentation can take a lot of time and preparation, but you won’t have to worry about that with a Sculptra injection. The treatment is much faster—only taking around 30 to 60 minutes—and doesn’t require anesthesia. In fact, risks present during surgical procedures are avoided due to the minimally invasive nature of the injections.

While getting Sculptra for the buttocks won’t yield immediate results, it will only take a few short months for the injection to take effect. Better yet, Sculptra can last from two to five years, making it a cosmetic procedure with proven longevity.

We Offer the Best Sculptra Butt Lift Injections in Philadelphia, PA

Although Sculptra procedures are relatively safe, it is still important to have a professional perform a butt lift injection. If you’re searching for a Sculptra injection expert in Philadelphia, PA, then you’ll find one at About Face Skin Care. We have 40 years of combined experience handling cosmetic procedures, so you can trust us to put your safety first throughout the treatment.

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