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Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment Services in Philadelphia, PA

Have you heard about Clear and Brilliant laser treatment services? When it comes to restoring youthful looks, it’s one of the best procedures available! At About Face Skin Care, we offer Clear and Brilliant treatments for those looking for ways to rejuvenate their skin.woman receiving laser skin treatment

What Is Clear and Brilliant Fractional Laser Treatment?

Prior to receiving a Clear and Brilliant treatment for aging skin, you should know how the procedure works. As the name suggests, the treatment uses an advanced laser to rejuvenate skin. Although that might seem like something out of sci-fi, the results speak for themselves—check out our before and after photos!

During Clear and Brilliant laser treatment services, a small beam of energy is directed at the patient’s skin to create thousands of microchannels. By making these microscopic injuries, the body responds by activating its natural recovery process so it can heal the damaged areas. This stimulates the natural growth of collagen, which is a protein responsible for providing structure to the skin. The promotion of collagen growth causes a new layer of skin to replace the damaged outer layer.

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Benefits of Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment Services

Clear and Brilliant fractional laser treatments are popular cosmetic procedures for several reasons. They function well with every skin type, making them accessible to everyone regardless of genetics. Clear and Brilliant treatments are also well-liked because they only take around half an hour to complete and have very little downtime, making them much quicker than traditional procedures. You’ll also see the impact of the lasers after the first treatment and more noticeable results after a few weeks pass.

Despite the strength of fractional lasers, Clear and Brilliant is a gentle treatment. It is also relatively painless compared to other laser treatments, which may cause discomfort. Therefore, anyone searching for a safer and minimally invasive procedure will appreciate what Clear and Brilliant laser services offer.

Clear and Brilliant Treatment for Wrinkles and Aging Skin

Clear and Brilliant can be performed in multiple body areas and has several uses. However, this laser treatment is commonly used to address signs of age. As someone ages, the levels of collagen in their skin can decrease. As you recall, collagen provides support to the skin—but when there is an absence of it, wrinkles and lines can form as a result.

For that reason, many of our clients schedule Clear and Brilliant treatment for wrinkles and aging skin. Thanks to the stimulation of collagen growth, the lasers are able to combat signs of aging by improving the tone and texture of the patient’s skin.

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Residents of Philadelphia, PA, looking for Clear and Brilliant treatment for aging skin can always trust About Face Skin Care for high-quality procedures. With our 40 combined years of experience, you can expect only the best services from our professional team. We offer numerous other cosmetic services, too, so our clients can meet their beauty goals and obtain a youthful appearance.

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