At About Face Skin Care, the goal is to make your skin look perfect. Flattering eye-brows are just gravy.

Nufree Hair Removal

Nufree hair removal treatments are done the same way as standard “waxing” treatments, however it’s formulation makes it a completely different,betteroption. Made with soy ingredients, the formula only adheres to hairs, which means that skin is never affected during the hair removal process. Because the skin is not assaulted during the waxing session, studies show that Nufree hair removal treatments are 75% less painful than regular waxing.

Why Nufree?

Developed over 30 years ago to remove hair from a patient immediately before surgery, Nufree has become the gold standard in hair removal, and for good reason:

  • Extensive testing has proven Nufree to be self-preserving antimicrobial, making it a safer and more effective choice for removing unwanted hair.
  • Nufree is more effective and comfortable than traditional depilatories and waxes.
  • Nufree never sticks to skin or breaks the hair off. (Its special formula, which is applied at a low temperature, uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft, leaving you smoother longer.)
  • Nufree was clinically developed for sensitive skin, so you will not experience the pain, redness, nor swelling typical of wax treatments. (Plus, the results are longer lasting, and cumulative.)
  • Finipil is applied after Nufree hair removal services. This after treatment cream destroys 99.99% of bacteria, and cools and soothes skin while protecting the empty hair follicle. When used regularly, finipil prevents ingrown hairs and keeps the skin moisturized.

Where can you use Nufree?

Nufree hair removal treatments can be used anywhere on the body, but we specialize in face treatments such as upper-lip, chin, eyebrows (more on this below) side-burns, and cheeks. (If you have other areas of unwanted hair, laser hair removal treatments offer more effective, permanent results.)

After a Nufree session?

Nufree hair removal treatments are so easy on the skin that you can safely apply makeup, swim and/or work-out immediately after your treatment!

best_eyebrows_philadelphiaThe Importance of Brows

Shaping eyebrows?
is a simple process that can bring about big changes to your overall look. Short of plastic surgery, eyebrow shaping can do more to improve your appearance than most other beauty treatments. No matter your age, or whether your beauty routine is “high” or “low” maintenance, taking the time to properly shape your eyebrows is well worth the effort.

Consider some of the benefits:

A More Youthful Look

Eyebrows that have been gently arched visually lift and open up the eye area. This allows more room for eye shadow and brings about a more youthful appearance to the face. (Keep in mind that extremely arched brows can have the opposite effect and may look severe.)

Balance Facial Features

Eyebrows that have been properly shaped bring balance and proportion to the whole face. Facial features can be softened or accentuated just by shaping the brows. In general, larger features look better with a slightly, fuller eyebrows, where as smaller features are balanced by thinner eyebrows.

Frame the Eyes

They say that the eyes are the “window to the soul”. Such an important feature deserves to be properly framed. Shaped eyebrows do just that — they frame the eyes and draw attention to them.

Refine Your Appearance

A well-groomed eyebrow can give a polished look to your appearance. People who have nicely shaped eyebrows look put together, even without makeup.

Make a Statement

Eyebrows can be used to create a look or make a statement. Changing the shape of the eyebrows can change the impression that someone gives off.

Major Change

Eyebrows usually grow back fairly quickly. After shaping, they will likely grow back within months, unless they have been repeatedly tweezed for years. It is easy to try a new look by changing the shape of the eyebrows, and it does not entail the commitment of a more drastic change of appearance (such as chopping off long hair).


It is not just women who benefit from nicely shaped eyebrows. A little eyebrow grooming on a male can mean the difference between a scruffy looking guy and a well groomed man. It is important not to over shape a man’s eyebrows — a little clean up is all that’s usually needed.

See a Professional

It?s best to go to a professional when you are shaping your eyebrows (especially for the first time). You can describe what you want or bring in photos, but keep in mind that you will have to work with the eyebrow hair that you have. It?s easier to maintain your eyebrows at home by tweezing after they have been professionally shaped. If you would like to wax at home, have several professional eyebrow waxings done until you are very comfortable and familiar with the process.

At your Appointment

Your provider will take into account your face shape, structure and features at the time of your treatment, and she will help formulate the most flattering eyebrow shape for you.

Common eyebrow shapes range from the following, and your input will definitely be taken into consideration.