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About Face Signature: Porification Facial.

During this treatment session, your face will be cleansed, massaged, and refreshed. You will leave feeling relaxed with the cleanest skin imagineable and an undeniable glow.

Combining the deep pore cleansing of Porification products and the feel-good attributes of a classic facial, the Porification Facial is a unique experience that will relax and pamper your skin, while making sure that every pore is as clean as it can possibly be.

The specific steps of your Porification Facial will be customized to your individual needs and skin type, with the appropriate masque, products, and extractions decided on at the time of treatment.

Interested? Call us to schedule, we can’t wait to make you look and feel great.

* Please note that the Porification Facial is meant to be a relaxing, skin-cleaning treatment. In addition to feeling good, there is therapeutic benefit to the service. However it was created for those with normal skin or those with a hormonal breakout, and is not recommended for those with severe to moderate Acne. (For patients with more aggressive Acne, they would reap more benefit from an Isolaz treatment versus a Porification Facial.

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Introducing the Porification Polish!

As the weather changes, it is common to notice your skin behaving differently.

If you are dealing with congested pores from the heavier products you use during the Winter months, or feel like your skin is suddenly dull after months of sweating, the Porification Polish facial may be the perfect treatment for you.

All of the elements of a Porification Facial will be incorporated, with the addition of an exfoliating, skin-brightening, “polishing” peel added at the end.

The peel (consisting of Salicylic Acid and Mandylic Acid) will gently brighten skin, reduce appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and help fade any skin discoloration. There is no downtime with the peel, and you will leave relaxed, with healthy looking, fresh skin.

The Porification Polish is safe for all skin types. (Treatment takes about an hour.)

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Seasonal Availability.
Pumpkins have a lot of beauty benefits (more on this below!),and with that in mind we are psyched to introduce our nod to pumpkin-dom: the Pumpkin Facial.

Jack O-Lanterns have good cause to smile.
Pumpkins are naturally loaded with all kinds of powerful, beautifying antioxidants and enzymes; allegedly containing over 100 beneficial nutrients!

Among those good-for-your-skin elements? Vitamin A, Beta Crypthoxanthin, Beta and Alpha Carotenes, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. (Not sure what those antioxidants are? Do not worry about it, all you need to know is that they are great for your skin!)

Pumpkin enzymes help to resurface the skin and refine pores, dissolving dead skin-cells and providing a beautiful glow.

Not just desserts?
In addition to all those intrinsic pumpkin antioxidants, our Pumpkin Facial also has Alpha-Hydroxy and Salicylic Acid components, so while your face smells good enough to eat, your skin is actually getting a deep, thorough exfoliation.

Afterwards, skin will look brighter, feel smoother, and be better prepared for the seasonal changes still coming.

Hungry for more?
This zero-calorie delight will satiate even the most hard-core pumpkin fans, and your skin will look extra radiant for all upcoming holiday celebrations. It is easy to incorporate this pumpkin-treat into one of our already decadent facial treatments.

Schedule yours today to look / feel / smell absolutely gourd-geous. (Treatment is safe for all skin types, and takes about 75-minutes.

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Seasonal availability.

Philadelphia Summers are super-HOT and super-HUMID. For those days when nothing sounds better than jumping into a pool of ice-cold water, About Face Skin Care has created the Ice-Cubed Facial, bringing your skin 3x the cooling and calming TLC you need to face this heat.

Don’t be deceived by the cuteness: This chilled solid-quartz globes helps seal product into your skin, clear redness, stimulate collagen for improved elasticity, and provide sinus / headache relief.

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A combination of Cucumber, Aloe, Mint and Thyme skincare products are constantly being cooled for you. When you combine a frosty Quartz Globe with SkinCeuticals cooling Phyto Corrective Masque, you’re guaranteed the chillest of feels.

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At the end when you’re feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, keep your chill vibes going with a take-home personal fan, just for you.

Schedule yours today to look / feel / smell cool for the summer. (Safe for all skin-types, pregnancy, Rosacea, Melasma, sensitive, etc., and takes about 75-minutes.)