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Don’t let your hands give away your age!

Ideal candidates for dermal-filler hand injections include people who are concerned about:
• Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots on their hands
• A loss of volume and plumpness, resulting in a bony, aged look

This non-invasive treatment has no downtime and results usually last for around 18-months.

What causes hands to age?

Frequent sun exposure, contact with drying chemicals and prodcuts (just think how many times a day you wash your hands!) combined with the natural aging process take a toll on your hands’ volume and elasticity. As a result the underlying veins, bones and tendons become more pronounced and noticeable.

How does filler treatment restore and rejuvenate hands?

Dermal-filler hand injections immediately replace the volume that has been depleting over the decades. As soon as the treatment is over, you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy your hands’ improved appearance.

Are hand-injections painful?

The thought of injecting your delicate hand-skin might seem potentially painful, but it’s surprisingly pain-free. As a plus — all of the dermal-filler products used for this area contain lidocaine so you won’t feel much past the very first nick.

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