No matter what you read or hear, you must remember: Acne is not your fault.
Although acne sufferers often blame themselves for their skin condition?the truth is that if you have problems with your skin? it is not because you are dirty or eat too much chocolate.

The real culprit behind acne-prone skin is good ol’ genetics. Break-outs occur due to a skin predisposition that does not allow the skin to exfoliate itself correctly. Instead of exfoliating off your face like it is supposed to, dead skin-cells instead exfoliate back into the pore, thereby causing a clog, and ultimately causing a pimple.

For acne sufferers that have tried numerous other acne remedies, the Isolaz Acne Treatment offers light at the end of the tunnel.

* Please note that individual results may vary.

As we like to say, Isolaz sucks.

Utilizing a vacuum with carefully controlled light therapy, the Isolaz is able to painlessly clean, disinfect, and heal all current acne lesions, while simultaneously helping to prevent future break-outs.

Philadelphia_isolazWhat is the Isolaz?

The Isolaz Acne Laser is the only FDA approved laser that combines a vacuum with a painless laser to purify your pores. The vacuum either entirely removes the debris stuck in the pore, or brings it closer to the skin’s surface where your About Face treatment provider will be able to successfully extract it manually.

No matter what your age or skin type, Isolaz Acne Treatments are a revolutionary way to help deliver you clean and clear skin.

What types of acne does the Isolaz treat?

The Isolaz is available to treat all forms of acne and clogged pores. Whether you suffer from those impossible little bumps that never really form pimples (but never completely go away), blackheads, pimples, hormonal or cystic acne, the Isolaz can help you.

Even better? Any body area can be treated; including the back, chest, arms, etc.

Why does Acne appear mostly on the Face, Chest, and Back?

Acne is directly related to the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for creating sebum (oil). Our bodies naturally have more sebaceous glands on the face, neck, back, and shoulders.

Who gets Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions affecting people of all ages. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from Acne in their 20?s, 30?s, 40?s, and beyond. Currently it is estimated that over 60-million Americans suffer from Acne, and unfortunately many have trouble finding a treatment that works.

How long have Isolaz treatments been available?

The Isolaz technology was first introduced in 2005, and Naomi Fenlin is actually a fore-runner in the world of Isolaz as she purchased the first Isolaz device ever sold in the country!


How does the Isolaz work?

To best understand how the Isolaz works, it is helpful to understand the acne basics. Acne results when the skin is unable to exfoliate itself correctly. Rather than shedding dead and dying skin cells, the acne sufferer?s skin cells get clogged inside the opening of the skin?s pores. This forms little ?plugs? which result in the beginnings of blackheads, whiteheads, and all forms of pimples. Although there are additional factors at work, it is this clogging of pores that causes acne.

The Isolaz laser utilizes vacuum and light therapy to solve the conditions that cause acne:

  • Vacuum: The Isolaz vacuum action helps loosen and extract dead and dying skin cells, dirt, blackheads and excess oil from deep within your pores.
  • Light Therapy: A painless flash off light goes off during the vacuuming process, which destroys acne-causing bacteria, and promotes faster healing. The laser also decreases? and in some cases eliminates? the production of oil from your sebaceous glands, so future acne is prevented.

By utilizing Isolaz?s laser acne technology, dead and dying skin cell ?plugs? are pulled out of the skin, killing acne causing bacteria, and decreasing (or eliminating) oil production? a triple punch against which no acne can withstand.

What can I expect during an Isolaz treatment?

Before Treatment: Your skin will be moistened with water before the Isolaz tip is applied to the skin. Since the treatment is painless, there is no topical numbing or medication beforehand.

  • During Treatment: When the Isolaz tip is placed on your skin, you will feel a painless, warm sensation. The process is repeated over the entire treatment area. In a recent clinical study, 100% of patients reported no pain during the Isolaz acne treatment. Treatment was most commonly compared to the feeling of a warm massage.
  • After Treatment: Once your Isolaz treatment is completed, you are free to resume all regular activities. Unlike some other laser acne treatments, your skin will not have any light sensitivities following treatment, and you are free to go on with your everyday life.


Isolaz_treatment_philadelphiaHow long does an Isolaz treatment take?

Treatment times vary, however face treatments usually take between 45-60 minutes. We ask that you reserve at least an hour for your treatment, thereby allowing enough time to check-in, wash your face, and take any necessary photos before treatment.

Who can be treated for acne with the Isolaz?

The Isolaz Acne Laser can be used to treat all types and colors of skin. The Isolaz technology allows itself to be carefully tailored to each and every patient?s unique skin type and color. Males and females, of any skin color or nationality, can all have their acne treated with the Isolaz.

Do Isolaz Acne Treatments work for everyone?

Everyone?s skin is different, however:

  • Studies have shown that 85% of people who underwent an Isolaz acne treatment experience clearer skin.
  • Isolaz clinical studies show immediate results within 24-48 hours, including reduced redness and immediate drying/flattening of the blemish.
  • 64% of acne sufferers who didn?t previously respond to oral, topical, and other laser acne treatments reported over 75% acne clearance following Isolaz treatments.
  • Patients had 88% clearance of papular, pustular, comedonal, nodual, and inflammatory acne after undergoing Isolaz treatments.

Do Isolaz Acne Treatments work for the occasional breakout?

Yes! Isolaz acne treatments keep your pores cleansed, helping to provide cleaner, more radiant looking skin.

How many Isolaz acne treatments will be needed?

The number of Isolaz Acne Laser treatments needed will depend on a wide variety of factors.

Some of these include your skin type, the severity of your acne, how long you have been suffering from acne, and your personal compliance with an at-home skin care regimen.

Regardless of any of these factors, we can work out a perfect treatment plan for you.

When will I start to see results?

Typically, patients can see a visible improvement in the redness or severity of their acne after their first treatment. It’s important to stick to the recommended treatment plan in order to see the full results of treatment.

What will I look like immediately after the procedure? Can I go out in public?

You may see some mild redness in the treatment area, but yes, after your Isolaz treatment you can go right back to your normal activities.

Can I put make-up on right after treatment?

Yes, you can put make-up on immediately after a treatment.

Do Isolaz treatments hurt?

In a clinical study, 100% of patients noted Isolaz treatments were painless.

I’ve tried everything for my Acne, including Accutane (Isotretinoin). Will Isolaz treatments really work for me?

While everyone’s skin is different, many patients who have not responded to other acne treatments, such as Accutane, other antibiotics, topical creams or even lasers have responded to Isolaz treatments. In fact, studies have shown that 85% of people who have an Isolaz treatment will experience clearer skin.

I’m currently on Accutane (Isotretinoin) / or (another acne medication). Can I get an Isolaz treatment?

Isolaz can be performed while you are on medications, such as antibiotics. However, Isolaz should not be performed if you are currently taking Accutane. Wait at least 6-months from your last Isotretinoin dose before undergoing an Isolaz treatment. We can talk about your current medications during the consultation.

Will I still need to use topical skin creams?

Though Isolaz is a great treatment by itself, how you take care of your skin at home will play a large part in your results.

During your consultation, we can talk about what you currently use and what is recommended during your Isolaz treatments.

Is it safe?

Yes, Isolaz has a high safety rating.

Does About Face Skin Care offer Isolaz Acne Treatment?

Not only do we offer it, but Naomi Fenlin was the first in the country to own this amazing machine! Our extraordinarily well-trained staff has performed thousands of acne treatments, and Naomi Fenlin also lectures, and trains doctors, nurses, estheticians, and other healthcare providers across the country on the best ways to utilize the Isolaz for ridding their patients of acne.

philadelphia_isolaz* Please note that individual results may vary.