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Professional Lip Filler Services in Philadelphia, PA

Are you looking for a way to have a more youthful smile and fuller lips? Then consider signing up for our professional lip filler procedures! The team at About Face Skin Care has 40 combined years of experience handling cosmetic procedures, meaning you can trust us for high-quality lip filling treatments that are safe and effective.

Understanding Our Lip Filler Injection Treatment Services in Philadelphia, PA

If you’re considering our professional lip filler services, then you should first learn about how the process works. Lip fillers are a special kind of dermal filler which are injected into the lips to increase their volume. While there are several different brands of lip fillers available—each with its own pros and cons—many of them contain a synthetic hyaluronic acid. This naturally-occurring substance can be found in other parts of the body and can hold moisture.

During lip filler injection treatments, the doctor administers the hyaluronic acid into different parts of the lip so it can become fuller. Clients can treat one or both of their lips, depending on their preferences and other factors.

Lip Filler Benefits

As you can guess, professional lip filler services will help beautify the mouth’s appearance. However, it offers many advantages that set it above other lip augmentation procedures. Many lip fillers are FDA-approved, have a low risk of complications, and are safe when performed by a professional. Although numbing cream can be applied, it is not always necessary.

Depending on several factors, lip fillers can last a year or longer. Unlike lip implants—which require a more intensive procedure—they are not permanent. This means that if you happen not to like the results of a lip filler, you can simply stop getting the procedure performed.

Lip Injections for Fuller Lips

The size of lips can shrink because of age, smoking, genetics, and several other factors. If you want to restore their volume, then lip fillers offer a solution. Lip injections for fuller lips are a great method of enhancing their appearance on your face.

Lip Injections for Improved Lip Shape

Professional lip filler services aren’t just for improving the volume of lips but their shape as well. For a variety of reasons, lips can become asymmetrical and uneven. Anyone who wants to create better proportions for their smile should consider getting lip injections for improved lip shapes.

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If you live in Philadelphia, PA, and are looking for a way to bring plumpness and youthfulness back to your lips, then you can always count on our lip filler services. At About Face Skin Care, we’re dedicated to helping clients reach their beauty goals while staying comfortable and safe, meaning that we’ll never pressure you into a procedure we don’t think is appropriate.

We offer a variety of other treatments to help enhance your image too. Check out our services below, and take a look at our before and after photos to see the results we’ve obtained for our other clients!

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