100 Years of Brow Trends

The same way that fashion and hair-styles constantly change, eye-brow trends are also continuously evolving.

When you know what you are looking at, you can often tell what time period a photograph was taken — just from looking at the eyebrows. And, even though in modern memory it seems like a new phenomenon to have such emphasis on eyebrows, women have been going to brow extremes for centuries.

Seriously. In ancient Egypt, when the unibrow reigned supreme, follicularly challenged women would glue strips of goat-hair onto their faces. (There is NO way that looked natural.) During the Elizabethan era, when rampant Syphilis caused the royal family to lose their hair and brows ? commoners followed suit by purposely removing their eyebrows all together. (Again, it?s impossible that this actually looked good.)

Fortunately, eyebrow looks within the last 100-years haven?t reached the same levels of crazy. In recent history, eyebrows have generally only varied between thin, thick, carefully shaped, or bushy.

Because eyebrows can only be manipulated into a limited amount of shapes, it is interesting to witness the evolution through recent memory.

How many of these shapes have you tried? Which style is your favorite?

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