20 signs you’re a makeup addict.

If you care about the way you look — make-up is a natural play-thing of choice.

The thing is though, with our heavy emphasis on skin quality — we want make-up to be a choice, something that is fun to experiment and mess around with in order to maximize your personality and appearance. Since we strive to make skin as clear and perfect as possible, we never want our patients to feel like make-up is something they HAVE to wear to be able to face the world.

All other things equal though, this list from BuzzFeed “20 Signs You’re Addicted to Makeup (no shame in a flawless face)” had us cracking up, and surprisingly we are guilty of many of these. (Umm, #1? You’ve caught yourself making the dreaded “msacara face,” and you don’t care! Thanks to Latisse, this is a daily occurrence!)

mascara face


What do you think, do any of these “signs” resonate with you??