2017 Top 5 Red-Carpet Trends

The recent slew of Awards Shows proves that:

Every celeb has employed a glam squad, because no one can look that good (head to toe) on their own!

To work the red carpet amidst all the A-listers in Tinseltown, when you know the paparazzi are going to be in full attendance to capture everything, you obviously want to look and feel your BEST. At the most recent award shows, the majority of celebrities slayed.

In order to have your outfit, hair, brows, face, makeup, accessories, body, nails and skin COLLECTIVELY on point, takes a lot of time, strategy, and teamwork! #ItTakesAVillage

The good news?

The Red Carpet crowd looked better than ever. Since the human-eye is naturally drawn to things of beauty, going through picture collections of celebrity-perfection makes for highly enjoyable eye-candy.

The bad news?

As much as the eye is drawn to beauty, the human ego loves to see pictures of celebs looking a mess. (Remember these days?)

If everyone has a glam squad working on their behalf, the outrageous missteps are few and far between.

The Top 5 Red Carpet Trends for 2017

In the height of award season, after perusing the troves of red carpet pictures, there are some clear trends emerging.

The most notable trends (in our opinion) are listed below, but for the majority of the featured images — a number of these trends are being portrayed in each look.

(Enjoy a comprehensive slide-show of more trend photographic-evidence at the very end of this post!)

1. EXTREME Natural Perfection

* This trend is universally featured throughout the photo gallery, but per usual is flawlessy executed by J.Lo.*

It seems like an oxy-moron: everyone appears to have had work — in an attempt to look natural.

There was nothing but flawless skin, with nary a line, wrinkle, nay — freckle, to be found on anyone, regardless of age. Whether it was Tom Hanks (in his 50s?), Jennifer Lopez (in her 40s?) or Peyton List (never even heard of her, let alone have an idea of her age), everyone looked PERFECT and carefully NOT OVER-DONE.

As opposed to previous years, there were no obvious lip enhancements, zero orangey spray-tans, and no waxy looking faces. Skin was glowing, evenly toned, plump and smooth.  Every square inch of skin and follicle of hair was groomed to perfection in an attempt to look natural. (Isn’t it funny how much work goes into looking effortless?)

Photo from Celebmafia.com

2. Deep Necklines + Perfect Necks / Decolletage

There were lots and lots of low-cut, revealing necklines on the red carpet this year. But that’s definitely not note-worthy.What is?

Everyone sporting a cleavage-baring ensemble had beautiful skin on their necks and chests, so that there was a seamless transition between the face and body.

Historically, this is very unusual! In the past people would often concentrate all of their beauty-efforts on the face, resulting in a weird disconnect between a pale, smooth face, and a sun-damaged, older looking neck / chest / body.

For 2017, Glam Squads helped their celebs keep their skincare uniform for face and body — and the results were beautiful (and envy inducing!) to behold.

Photo from JustJared.com

3. Beautiful Men


Although the women were still more beautiful, it was refreshing to see that most of the men seemed to have spent considerable time on their appearance.

Hair and outfits showed personality (a nice departure from the generic black suit), and their skin looked well maintained and glowy.

Consider: Somehow, Tom Hanks looks younger now than he did 15-years ago? The amazing part is that even though this transformation was obviously not natural — he still looks just like himself, just refreshed and refined. Is this the results of Lasers? Injections? Makeup? All of the above? Probably. But, why shouldn’t men be able to enjoy these options?

This is great because:

  • Why shouldn’t men be able to gain the same confidence boost that women can through pampering themselves? There was always a stigma against being viewed as “vain” if men were overly interested in grooming, but especially when you live and work in Hollywood — that line of thinking seems out-dated and sexist.
  • With the immense pressure that women always feel to look a certain way, there is something inherently satisfying about men starting to take more pride in their appearance — and having beauty-standards that need to be met.
  • It’s like getting your engagement-ring cleaned. Something that’s beautiful to begin with is only more fun to look at it when it’s buffed, scrubbed, steamed and polished.

    Photo courtesy of Coveteur.com

4. Bold Brows

Yes, an emphasis on brows has been around for a minute now. But the 2017 update seems to be a cross between thick brows, mixed with the Eighties. With eyebrows penciled-in and brushed-up, the end effect is natural brows that have obviously been enhanced.

Photo courtesy of Celebmafia.com


5. Full House in the House!


Yes, the Full House cast looks great — but aside from that, it seems like being part of this crew insures plenty of paparazzi photo-opps. (Perhaps another nod to the influence of the eighties / nineties?)

Photo from upi.com


In conclusion: All of these trends rotate around a similar premise, an appearance that could be natural, but is so perfect we know there’s been some [tasteful] help.

With an emphasis on a natural-looking, but perfect exterior, it begs the question. Is this look really a TREND (and next year will be the opposite with everyone wanting obvious work), or is it a sign that “work” has gotten more elegant, and current laser / injection / surgical options lend themselves to more organic looking results?

I guess we’ll have to wait until next year’s Red Carpet events to see…

Your comprehensive slide-show depicting these trends:

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