3 New ways to make your life better with injectables.

Ahhhhhh. Better living — and aging — through science.

When you think about “injections”, the first things to come to mind are likely Botox and lips.

Yeah, you know that filler can also be used in the cheeks and naso-labial folds, and maybe you even know that Botox can be used to correct an overly gummy smile or prevent migraines.

But, the ease of injections and guaranteed results make them a more popular treatment than ever, with new uses and products being developed ALL the time.

The three new treatments below are all FDA-approved for safety and efficacy. With fat-melting, sweat-gland manipulation, and volume restoration in the body all achievable with a syringe — it is crazy to think about what the world of injections might be able to offer 10-years from now.

Did you know that these injection options even existed?


*All specials described below are available only for the month of June 2016.

1. Jawline Contouring!

kybella philadelphia
Jowls? Turkey neck? No neck? The jaw-line is a very common concern with 67% of Americans worrying about this area!

Kybella injections are the first FDA-approved fat-melting / skin-tightening injections for the neck area.

  • Earn and use Brilliant Distinction points for this treatment!
  • Get $100 OFF if you get Botox at the same time.
  • There is some downtime with this; redness, bruising and swelling is normal for a few days afterwards
  • Most people need at least 2x sessions to get maximum results

June Special: Kybella treatment + FREE Sente Neck Firming Cream = 1,300?? {? $1,100? }

2. No More Under-Arm Sweat!

botox armpit injections philadelphia
If under-arm sweat is a concern (as it is for many, especially as we go into the hotter, more humid months), you may be surprised and delighted to learn that Botox injections can be used to paralyze your sweat-glands, resulting in 6-months of dry under-arms!

  • No downtime!
  • Can take up to 2-weeks for full effects to kick-in.
  • Maximum results achieved with one session
  • Earn and use Brilliant Distinction points for this treatment!

June Special: 100-units + FREE Porification Body Wash = $1,180?? {? $999? }

3. Hand Rejuvenation!

radiesse hands email
You take beautiful care of your face, but do your hands betray unwanted signs of aging?

Enjoy immediate improvement with Radiesse hand injections! Radiesse is the first and only dermal-filler approved to correct the loss of volume in the back of your hands.


  • No downtime
  • Injection treatment safe for all skin types
  • Long-lasting results (up to 2-years!)
  • Complimentary Photorejuvenation / BBL / IPL (treatment will depend varying on your skin type) will treat any present sun damage, and increase collagen production for an overall improved appearance.


Special: 2x-vials (one per hand) + 1x BBL treatment to erase sun-damage = $1,660? {? $1,200? }