5 skincare myths revealed

Think sunscreen is only necessary when you?re in the sun, or that the best skincare products are the most expensive ones? Take the guess-work out of these common skincare beliefs with the following break-down on popular skincare lore:

1. You Don?t Need to Wear Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day

UV rays are present every single day of the year, whether it?s sunny, cloudy, or something in between. (The ONLY time you don?t need to be wearing sunscreen? Night!) Ultraviolet light penetrates through clouds, and your skin is at risk whether you realize it or not. Make sunscreen application an ingrained part of your daily regimen so you never have to think about it and you?re always protected.

2. Oily Skin Will Age Better than Dry Skin

Wrinkles can be blamed on many things from genetics, to sun damage, to smoking, but those with oily skin may ultimately have an advantage in the anti-aging game. Studies show that oily skin produces natural antioxidants which helps to prevent wrinkles. So, here?s one myth that has some roots in reality.

3. Expensive Skincare Products Are Better Than Inexpensive Ones

When you?re on the market for skincare products, the price of the product yields no clues about the quality of results you?ll attain. Instead, the active ingredients listed in the product will be much more revealing in regards to the quality and efficacy of a product. Do a little homework to know what to look for, good, effective products can be found at every price point.

4. The Higher the SPF, the Better

By now you should know that using sunscreen is a MUST, but how high of an SPF do you really need? Every single day you should be using a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30. (From there, anything higher is good, but not really going to make a huge difference.)

5. Drinking Water Will Moisturize Skin

Water is literally an essential part of life, and while drinking your recommended 8-glasses per day is great for your body, it will not necessarily affect your skin texture. To keep your skin moisturized, it?s better to apply hydration topically versus hoping that drinking water will moisturize from the inside out. Look for products with hyaluronic acid,?glycerin and ceramides.