6 things we should learn from Korean skin care

Korean Skin Philly

As the origin country of BB and CC creams, Korea has a LOT of clout in the beauty world. Constantly on the fore-front of new advancements, product development and trends, their culture places a huge emphasis on appearance. So, what can we learn from these perfect-skin-obsessed people?

Behold. The potentially life-changing 6 Skin Commandments of Korea!

  1. It?s easier to prevent than fix.
  2. Double cleanse.
  3. Moisturize.
  4. Natural ingredients can make a big impact.
  6. Be consistent.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

One mega difference between Korean and Amercan skincare regimes is that Korean children are taught from a very early age to take care of their skin. By teaching children how to properly cleanse, moisturize, and protect their skin, they learn how important it is to be in control of, and resposnsible for, their skin’s health.

?Learning how to take care of your skin every single day from childhood helps instill good habits for the future. If children always know that they need to wear sunscreen and protect their skin, they?re helping themselves immensely by avoiding unnecessary risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Aditionally, the earlier people start adapting these habits, the more likely it is that they will continue. If washing and applying sunscreen are akin to breathing, the actions become ingrained in daily life and will occur without even thinking about it. The sooner people take ownership of their skin, the better their skin will be for the long-run.

Double Cleanse

To ensure beautiful, thoroughly cleansed skin, you may want to start the double cleansing method. (The idea is that washing twice will ensure the removal of makeup, sweat, oil and any environmental debris or pollution that may have settled upon your skin during the day.)

?In Korea the double-cleanse is performed with two different facial cleansers. First they wash with an oil based cleanser in order to remove makeup and sebum. Next, they apply a foaming cleanser to remove dirt and grit. By combining both oil and water based cleansers, it is thought that your face will be cleaned from all varieties of impurities.

However, if you only have one facial cleanser that you like ? it?s all good. Washing your face two times in a row, even using the same cleanser for each wash ? will still ultimately help keep your face crystal clear.


Dry skin can exacerbate the appearance of every fine line and wrinkle on your face, not to mention make your skin feel incredibly tight and uncomfortable.

If you want to halt aging while keeping your skin as healthy and happy as possible, a good moisturizer is vital to your skincare routine.

One particular moisturizer ingredient that is common in Korean beauty products is is hyaluronic acid. It is a great source of hydration, and plumps the skin while binding moisture molecules to it.

Moisturizers help preserve the elasticity of your skin, prolonging a youthful appearance and preventing the occurrence of deep-set lines and wrinkles. The added benefit of having skin that feels nice and soft is just gravy. (Sente Dermal Repair is an excellent antiaging product that will both deliver hyaluronic acid to your skin, and aid with the removal of lines and wrinkles.)

Natural Ingredients

The most powerful beauty ingredients sometimes come straight from nature. A few of Korea’s favorite all-natural skin-enhancers include snail slime, green tea, and Yeast Ferment.

  • Snail ?Mucin, also known as Snail Slime Extract (yes, truly snail “slime”) is becoming exceedingly popular in the beauty world. Koreans use snail cream to help regenerate skin cells, and revitalize a tired complexion.
  • Green Tea helps revitalize tired skin and maintain a healthy, natural glow. Being one of the most popular ingredients in Asian beauty products today, it can be found it a wide variety of products from moisturizers to sunscreens and everything in between. (Green Tea is currently in two of our best-selling products, a moisturizing SPF-50 and our Porification Cleanser.)
  • Yeast Ferment ?is a naturally fortified Vitamin B group. This ingredient became popular for it?s great cleansing and moisturizing abilities. Unfortunately, products with yeast ferment often have a yeast-like smell, but usually the benefits are good enough that you?ll overlook any fragrance.


Many Korean women NEVER leave the house without sunblock. No matter the season or climate, this is a good habit to emulate ? your skin ALWAYS needs the protection of sunscreen.

Fortunately there are a million different varieties of sunscreen so that there is truly a formulation for everyone. (Yes, even for that person who hates sunblock, or that other guy who can?t stand the smell, etc, etc.)

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion is a very popular choice; it?s an SPF-50 with a universal tint, and has the consistency of water. Once applied, it feels like nothing is on the skin, and is a great option for people who hate the feeling of product on their skin. Sun Bum products have adorable packaging and a delicious smell, which kind of makes it fun to apply. Our Porification sunscreen is a 3-in-1; it?s super moisturizing, has the consistency of a beauty balm, and provides an SPF-50. Your skin will be hydrated and protected, and never feel greasy or slick. (Also hitting point 4, it contains Green Tea and caffeine.)

Consistency Is Key

The key to success with any practice is consistency, and skincare is no exception. Koreans KNOW that it is crucial to take care of your skin every single day, no matter how much of a rush you?re in, or how tired you are. Beautiful skin (usually) doesn?t happen by accident, and for most people is something that needs to be constantly worked on.

Follow the above listed rules, and keep up with them! With due diligence, in as little as a few months you should start to attain skin results that a.) will encourage you to continue your new routine, and b.) might just allow you entry into the top-secret, highly-enviable Korean-good-skin club.

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