6 ways Valentine’s Day can break-up your skin

Valentine?s Day isn?t all chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Potentially, all of the classic Valentine?s Day things that make Valentine?s Day — Valentine?s Day — can totally wreak havoc on your complexion.

Make sure none of these intrinsically Valentine?s Day items interfere with your love glow, and enjoy ONLY the positive aspects of V-Day:

  1. Cuddling might give you pimples!
    OK, not really the act of cuddling, but skin debris on pillowcases and sheets, as well as your partner?s skin, may contribute to your own skin challenges. Change sheets often, and try to never go to bed without washing your face.
  2. Chocolate does not cause acne. (Yay!) But…
    monthly hormones that dictate food cravings also affect acne, which is why people think there is a correlation.
    On the bright side, dark chocolate is full of good-for-you antioxidants, so enjoy!
  3. Roses are red? and so are pimples.
    Flower extracts in skincare products might smell great, but buyer beware! Often times the irritants in creams and lotions that cause break-outs are the extra ingredients added to give that flowery fragrance.
  4. Wine and champagne are the perfect accoutrements to romance, but all alcoholic beverages are dehydrating to every part of your body — including your skin.
    Enjoy your beverages of choice, guilt-free, by making sure to replenish by drinking lots of water. Go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine or bubbly, but make sure to sip water in-between.
  5. Sadly, being in love will not magically make your skin clear.
    BUT, the feel-good chemicals your brain releases while being in love can decrease your stress, and less stress equals less break-outs.
  6. Candles have absolutely no effect on your skin?s overall health, but they do cast a universally flattering light.
    Light some candles, and bask in their beautifying glow.

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