7 Days of Beauty 2018

(Going live December 3rd, 2018) Day 1 of 7: BOTOX BANK

(Going live December 4th, 2018) Day 2 of 7: BEST-SELLER BEAUTY BUNDLE

(Going live December 5th, 2018) Day 3 of 7: PERFECT LIP BUNDLE

(Going live December 6th, 2018) Day 4 of 7: THERMAGE SKIN-TIGHTING PACKAGE

(Going live December 7th, 2018) Day 5 of 7: DERMAL-FILLER BUNDLE

(Going live December 10th, 2018) Day 6 of 7: FRAXEL / ICON RESURFACING 3-PACK

(Last offer going live December 11th, 2018) Day 7 of 7: SCULPTRA HAUL

What are the “7 Days of Beauty”?

To celebrate the holidays and help you best *present* yourself and your loved ones (see what we did there?) About Face Skin Care will be featuring daily beauty flash-sales, starting on December 3, 2018.

  • Just like the song “12 Days of Christmas”, for 7x days a new offer will be added — culminating on the 7th and Final Day when ALL offers will be available. Each promotion will be available from the day it is first announced, until the end of the 7th Day. (At midnight on Tuesday, 12/11/18, these once-a-year offers are over.)
  • How does it work?
    Each weekday, starting on December 3rd, 2018, an email and social-media post will go out alerting you of that day’s promotion. Although you need to purchase your desired promotion ASAP, you have until the end of next year (December 30, 2019) to actually redeem your selected offer.
  • Are the specials going to be for me, or presents for other people?
    What a great question! You are so thoughtful!
    There will be a combination of offers, depending on who you are buying for — there are some options that might appeal as gift options for both yourself and others.
  • What if I change my mind about a purchased bundle?
    All offers are final sale, however extenuating situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.Get our number on speed-dial (215-923-5001), and be prepared to have the most beautiful holiday season ever.