8 Options for People Who Always Make Excuses About NOT Wearing Sunscreen

people who hate sunscreen

Trust me. I know you have heard it LOTS of times before, but the repetition occurs for a reason: skin care professionals are obsessed with SUNSCREEN because of how important it is to everyones skin health and beauty!

You know this!

And yet? There are still soooo many excuses we hear people making to explain (and attempt to justify) why they are not doing the NUMBER ONE most preventative (and easiest!) step for skin health and vitality.

On the bright side (pun un-intended), as science and technology gets better, a whole slew of advanced sun protection methods are being introduced to the world. The sunscreens of today are wholly different than the sunscreens of our childhood and as the products get better and better, unique options evolve to satisfy even the pickiest, biggest sunscreen haters.

This new wave of sun-protection THANKFULLY renders the most common sunscreen- complaints, completely and utterly useless.

Sunscreen Excuse #1: “My sunscreen always washes off when I get in the water.”

You have multiple options to get around this!

First of all, thanks to the huge prevalence of surf culture, rash guards are actually cool (and even flattering) to wear now. The beauty of protective clothing means that you never have to worry about getting wet, sweating, or reapplication. If you have a SPF-100 rash-guard on your body, the covered areas are safe! (Also nice for protecting those hard to reach body areas, and making sure that no spots are accidentally left vulnerable.)

Secondly, this is such a common concern that most of the sunscreen companies are addressing the water issue head-on. Sun Bums products in particular are geared largely towards surfers (and others who live water-based life-styles), and their sunscreens come in a wide array of protection strengths, are extremely easy to use, and smell delicious. (Also see this in relation to excuse #4.) Sun Bum products are also extremely AFFORDABLE, and they?ll keep your skin safe for up to 80-minutes in the water! (The fact that their packaging is freaking adorable is just gravy.)

Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen, available in SPF-15, 30, and 50, $15.99 for 6 FL OZ

Sun_bum philadelphia

Sunscreen Excuse #2: “Applying sunscreen every morning takes too much time.”

EVERYONE is strapped for time in the morning. But chances are you are doing something for your skin before you head-out for the day. If you feel like your mornings are always a major time-crunch, just swap a multi-use product (with sun-protection) into your routine so you are not adding any extra steps, but you will easily enjoy the sun-protecting benefits.

Consider Porification Protect +. It is a tinted, moisturizing, vitamin-packed, makeup primer that also happens to have SPF-50. Because this product does so many things, adding this SPF-50 to your routine may allow you to swap out multiple other products, ultimately saving you time in the mornings (and saving your skin).

Porification Protect +, SPF-50, $36.50 for 4.0 FL OZ

Sunscreen Excuse #3: “Sunscreen makes me look greasy.”

Sunscreens of the past definitely had the potential to make your face look slick. Fortunately, now that there is such an interest in sun protection, sunscreens are being made with cosmetically elegant (this seems to be the new industry phrase) formulations that will NOT make your skin look (or feel) greasy.

SkinMedica, Daily Physical Defense, SPF-30, $46.00 for 3 OZ


Sunscreen Excuse #4: “I hate the feel of sunscreen on my face.”

If you hate the feeling of gunk on your face, then I would like to introduce you to my friend, Mr. UV Defense (by SkinCeuticals). This sunscreen has the consistency of water, and even though it offers an SPF-50 — you will feel like there is nothing on your skin.

Even better? It is available in two options; there is a tinted formula and a sheer version.

SkinCeuticals, Physical Fusion (tinted) or Sheer Physical UV Defense (sheer option), SPF-50, $34.00 for 1.7 FL OZ


Sunscreen Excuse #5: “Sunscreen irritates my sensitive skin.”

If a sunscreen is gentle and safe enough for pregnant and breast-feeding women to use, it is going to be gentle enough for your super-sensitive skin.

Belli, Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen, SPF-25, $29.99 for 1.5 FL

Sunscreen Excuse #6: “My sunscreen always makes me break out.”

ALL of the sunscreens mentioned here are noncomedogenic (they will not clog your pores!). In an effort to help keep peoples skin safe, we would NEVER recommend a sunscreen that would potentially cause break-outs and make people want to discontinue use.

In addition, at the drugstore there are some good options, including Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate SPF 70 Lotion, $10.19.? This oil-free lotion also won’t clog pores, and the oatmeal in it works to reduce redness.

Sunscreen Excuse #7: “My sunscreen KILLS when it gets into my eyes.”

The sun-experts at Sun Bum work with a ton of athletes, and with any strenuous activity sweating is inevitable. To prevent surfers, runners, etc., from having painful sunscreen-sweat bother their eyes, Sun Bum developed a signature product that is specially made NOT to drip.

The Signature Lotion is a mineral-based sunscreen specifically for those who work and play hard in the sun. It will never bleed into your eyes, make your hands slippery, and it won’t come off during the most rigorous activities in the water, wind, or blazing hot sun.

(The best proof: This is the product used and trusted by lifeguard and beach rescue organizations throughout the U.S., including the Hawaiian Water Patrol, the North Shore Lifeguard Association, and the Eastern Surfing Association. These are people that NEED to be able to SEE outdoors, and they choose this product.)

Sun Bum Signature, High Performance Sunscreen, SPF-50, $17.99 for 3.0 FL OZ

Sunscreen Excuse #8: “I only need sunscreen on days when I’ll be outside.”

This answer kills me. Unless it is night, the sun is in the sky and you need to protect your skin. There are UV rays even when it is cloudy outside, and even when you are not physically outdoors. Whether you are inside by a window, in a car, or even on the train/airplane your skin is vulnerable. (Look at these butts for proof.)

You must protect your skin every single day, whether you are on the beach or at the office.

Like anything else, it is the easiest to just get into the habit of putting on sunscreen, then it becomes an automatic habit and you do not even need to think about it.

In addition to all of the wonderful products listed here, a good hat can also do wonders. Just make sure that it has a wide brim (baseball hats do not provide adequate coverage) and has a tight knit. (If you can see light through the material of the hat, then the hat is not substantial enough to prevent sun-damage.)

As time goes on, sunscreen options are only going to get better, but that does not do much for keeping your skin safe now.

There are currently so many sunscreen options available that it does not matter how picky a person is there is DEFINITLEY a sunscreen for everyone, at every price-point. The best way to figure out what works the best for you is to start sampling. Try anything that sounds appealing, and eventually you will pinpoint that perfect sunscreen for you.