8 Reasons to Try Eyelash Extensions

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1. ??Weddings ? With all eyes on your eyes, weddings are a popular reason to get extensions.? Long, full lashes help you stand out in photographs, particularly in the high resolution close-ups.? Also during your MOH?s or parent?s speech, you don?t need to worry about mascara streaks when shedding tears! ?We recommend scheduling a full set 6-8 weeks in advance of the wedding to help you understand the length and style you are hoping for.? That gives you the flexibility to try one more style during your first fill, and then have one last light touchup before the wedding itself.

2. ??Traveling ? When you are on vacay, whether the trip is relaxing on the beach in Fiji or backpacking through South America, life is much easier if you do not need to fret with eye makeup.? Extensions give a gorgeous, natural look that reduce the need for eyeliner or mascara.? This makes sure all your selfies are looking great even after a rough hike or jumping in the water.

3. ??Prom –?For many of the same reasons as weddings, prom is a perfect time to try a more glamorous look.? Prom pictures have a way of constantly resurfacing (#tbt all the time) so extensions give you a bit of an edge.? Plus you won?t have to worry about heavy strip lashes peeling off on your date in the middle of dancing all night (yes that has happened before!).

4. ? Reunions -?High school and college reunions are a great time to catch up with old pals but pressure can be on to look great when seeing old acquaintances.? Extensions give a more youthful look to your face, making your eyes look larger and your face slimmer.? Extensions are an investment that can give you lots of confidence when seeing the old pals (particularly former flames).

5. ??Pregnancy ? Look naturally stunning in your first photographs with your baby! Do not worry about trying to apply makeup while going through your last minutes of labor and instead give all your love and focus to your newborn.

6. ? Crazy Work or School Schedule -?While you are putting on mascara every morning, your male colleagues are getting those extra snooze minutes that might help them in the boardroom.? Investing in extensions can help you roll out of bed and dive straight into reading the New York Times and getting on with your day.

7. ? Morning Confidence Boost -?Just move in with your beau? We’ve?heard from lots of ladies that they love being able to say #iwokeuplikethis.? Extensions make sure you don?t ever feel the need to sneak out of bed in the morning to apply some mascara and then run back under the covers.? Instead you can confidently know you look adorable while getting some shut-eye. ?Plus you won?t freak him out with medieval torture devices, aka?eyelash curlers.

8. ?Lastly ? No reason at all! Treat yourself to a wonderful, relaxing service that allows you to add some glam to your life with little daily effort.