About Face Makeover: Office Edition

You would be hard-pressed to find an office that loves pictures more than we do. (Ok. Maybe photographers. Or graphic artists. Or…)


Maybe we don’t love pictures the MOST, but we definitely LOVE them, a lot.

The pleasure and satisfaction we get each time we capture a patient’s skin transformation is indescribable. For that one moment in time, we can immortalize forever the final product of our mutual efforts. (After all, we can only control what is happening to our patients’ skin during the time they are actually in our office, under our eyes, and in our hands. The rest of the time, we have to trust that our goals are the same — improved skin appearance — and they are taking care of their skin properly during their everyday lives to achieve that end.) Even when the patient has moved far away, the event they were preparing for has long passed, or their skin mission was accomplished, a picture gives longevity to a happy moment, and serves as concrete proof of skin problems that have been corrected. So, yeah. We like “before and after” pictures a whole lot.?

However, also a demonstration of collaborative hard-work, it is nice to remember the aesthetic changes that occur at About Face, that don’t involve humans at all…

As I was cataloguing our various memory-cards full of patient photos (call it Before + After “Spring Cleaning”), I came across pictures of our office from before we first moved into good ol’ Suite #1205, and immediately afterwards. Although bright and clean, the space had that just-moved-in feeling; the furniture didn’t quite fill out the space, no decorating nor personal touches, and things are just a little too stark.?

While the front-desk area was still under construction:

reception area before we moved in

Things have changed so much, and yet it took a photograph to remind me of what I see everyday.
Similar to what we always tell patients in regards to noticing skin changes apres treatment — when you see something many, many times throughout the day, every day — it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to appreciate subtle changes that are slowly, but surely, occurring. This is another beautiful thing about taking photographs throughout any treatment process (whether it?s skin care, interior decorating, or product display): all stages of change are documented! When different moments in time are captured and compared side-by-side, it is much easier to identify the transitions that have occurred right in front of you.

reception area after we moved in

So anyway, I randomly came across a picture of our reception area when we first moved-in to this space, and was surprised to remember how bare and austere our home was back then. A year later, after a? lot of skin-care product expansion, growth, moving things around, and small in-office construction projects, the changes are drastic. All of these changes took place in my presence, (if not by my actual hands) and yet even I had completely forgotten about our starting point.

Thankfully, due to some much appreciated (albeit forgotten) pictures, all it took was one little photographic reminder to instantly prove and show-case how far we?ve come.??

reception area now and then