Allure Magazine Just Voted THIS the best sunscreen (again!)

This product is basically the holy-grail for people who HATE sunscreen, but know they need to use it.

With the consistency of water, no odor, and an ultra-light, sheer splash of skin-perfecting color, SkinCeutical’s Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF-50 won Allure Magazine’s (aka the Beauty Experts) “Best of Beauty” Award for a second time.

A perennial favorite of our Philadelphia patients, the award wasn’t surprising — but like a proud parent, it always feels good when one of your little-ones gets some extra recognition.

😷 Product: SkinCeuticals Fusion SPF-50


🎯 Purpose: Sheer, physical sun protection with slight tint Protects skin from the sun and provides sheer coverage

👓 Key Sun Protecting Ingredients:
Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

🎉 Celebrate Because: This provides amazing sun protection for your skin, but you won’t feel like you are wearing anything.

👏 How:? In the morning after washing your face, you should shake the bottle to properly mix, and then apply about a dime size worth of product to your face and neck.

😴 Don’t Forget: If you are going to be outdoors, please reapply at least every 2-hours!

? Water Resistant: Up to 40-minutes

📆 When: Your skin needs protection from the sun all year-round, not just during the summer.

👍Lasts:? Once opened, this sunscreen will stay at it’s optimum consistency for 6-months.

💣Precautions? None, this product is completely safe for all skin types; oily, Acne prone, pregnant, sensitive, post-procedure, etc.

😱 Why @Allure likes it? “It’s great for no-makeup days when you want just the sheerest coverage possible. It does make you a bit shiny, so if that bothers you, top with a little loose powder.”

💵 Cost:
$34 (plus tax)

? Note: You must shake this to emulsify. (Like nail polish! You’ll hear the mixing-beads when you shake it.)

📞 Phone Orders: Please call us at 215-923-5001, we can ship anywhere domestically.

📬 Email Inquiries:?