Beauty Week 2022: Like Restaurant Week… but with Skin Care!

Beauty Week: November 14 – 18, 2022 

~ Price $550.00 ~


*Limited Time Availability!*

Choose either option below for a comprehensive skincare experience designed to help you feel and look your best just in time for the holidays!

Option 1: Three Course Face-Plan ($858.00 value)


Starter: Dermaplaning | $99.00 value

All surface dead-skin cells and vellus hairs are removed with a precision blade, leaving skin that feels like butter afterwards. Helps prep skin for better chemical peel and product absorption / results.


First Course: Chemical Peel | Up to $199 value

Your choice of chemical peel for easy, all-over skin brightening with minimal downtime. Peel options include SkinMedica Illumenize or Vitalize, SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing or MicroPeel. (Your provider will help choose best option for you!)


Main Course: 25-units of Botox | $375 value

Use this anywhere you like! (Additional units can be added at same visit for regular pricing.)


Dessert: Choices Described Below

Option 2: Beauty Smoothie All-In-One ($784.00 value)


Aquagold Facial | $599.99 value

This “beauty-smoothie” will delight everyone’s palette! All of your favorite beauty “ingredients” (Botox / Dysport, dermal-filler, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, brightening agents, etc.) are mixed together and sprinkled throughout your face.


Afterwards, your skin looks poreless, plumped, hydrated, almost like you have a real-life filter on.


Safe for all skin-types, results last 8+ weeks.

Dessert: Choices Described Below

Every participant will get their choice of a full-size, complimentary SkinCeuticals or SkinBetter antioxidant to take home and maintain / enhance results. (80% of your skincare results are from what you do at home!)


Your provider will help pick the best option for your skin:

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic ($169 value), Phloretin CF ($169 value), Silymarin CF ($169 value), or SkinBetter Alto Advanced ($185 value).

Dermal-Filler Option:


If you have an appetite for dermal-filler, you can add it on to your selection and get $100 off each syringe received at this visit. Please let us know at time of booking so we can schedule appropriately.

To reserve your spot, call 215-923-5001!

Fine print: Beauty Week options described here are only available for purchase during the week of November 14 – 18, 2022, however the treatments can be scheduled for anytime between purchase date and 12/30/22. Nonrefundable, nonexchangeable, nontransferable. When booking, please let us know which option you’re interested in so we can schedule appropriately.