Briana’s August Pick (and secret promo!)

It?s like ?Winter Is Coming? could be the tag-line.

I know that I say this every month, but I am seriously SO obsessed with this month?s product pick.

As someone who lives for Christmas (Guys! Only 137 more days!), summer is torture for me.
I sit indoors with the AC-blasting, and daydream about snow flurries, early nights, Christmas lights, thick sweaters and booties. Needless to say, Summer 2016 has been particularly torturous with the relentless heat and 100% humidity, day after day after day after day…

This is WHY my August pick is so amazing: SkinCeutical’s brand-spanking-new Phyto Corrective Masque is clinically proven to COOL and soothe irritated skin. (It?s like air-conditioning in a bottle jar tub, just for your face!)

August in Philadelphia is the perfect introduction time.
Even if you are not Winter-fiends like me ? chances are good that YOU ARE also tired of feeling hot, sweaty, and flushed all the time.

The Phyto Corrective Masque is made with all sorts of calming / soothing ingredients, such as Cucumber, Thyme and Olive extract, and can be used as either a ?rinse-off? treatment, or an overnight masque. (You can apply it for 30-minutes and then wash off, or you can leave it on overnight for extra hydration.)

For me, this product was love at first touch.
It just feels so delicious on the skin, especially after an intense workout, or a day at the beach ? I just generously apply it to my hot face and it?s an instant *ahhhhhhh* sensation. ?(Pro tip: leave this in the refrigerator for extra cooling!)

Aside from cooling my skin and helping me feel like Christmas is right around the corner — why else is this product amazing?

  • The Phyto Corrective Masque soothes your skin from a bunch of irritants, ranging from everyday sun exposure, all the way to laser treatments, and everything in-between.
  • The green tint of the masque helps to cancel out any redness of the skin, whether it?s from acne, Rosacea, or heat-exertion.
  • The masque also helps to super-hydrate the skin, and when you take it off, you?ll be delighted at how smooth and plumped your skin feels.
  • It won’t make you break-out, is super-easy to use, smells good, and everyone can benefit from it. (Did I mention it physically cools the surface of your skin by 5-degrees?!)


What?s in it?

There are numerous ingredients in this masque to help turn your skin?s frown upside-down:

  • Dipetide helps calm the skin, and reduces the skin?s perception of heat
  • Hyaluronic Acid is a natural humectant that provides deep, but lightweight hydration
  • Active Botanicals like Cucumber, Thyme and Olive provide soothing capabilities for maximum skin-comfort.

How to use?

As mentioned above, this masque can be used in whichever way is the most beneficial to you ? you can leave it on for 20-minutes and then rinse off, or you can leave it overnight if you feel like your skin needs a really good, deep hydration. This product is noncomedogenic (won?t clog pores) and is safe for even THE MOST sensitive skin. Basically you can use this product however you want and never have to worry about negative repercussions.

How much?

The SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque retails for $55.00 for a jar that is 2 fl oz. The length of time this will last you will depend on how frequently (and where) you use it. However for reference, I?ve had mine for about a month, I use it 3-4x a week, and I still have more than half the container left.

(Look Ma! I love this product SO much that SkinCeuticals actually shared a picture of me using it on Arin! 🙂 )



Most people will use this for their face, but honestly ? you can use this wherever you have compromised skin.

Did your shoulders get sunburned over the weekend?

Did you accidentally burn your neck with your curling iron?

You can confidently apply this masque wherever you feel like your skin needs a little TLC.

A COOL Christmas Surprise!

There has never been a ?promotion? to go with my product of the month pick ? but this time we want to help you out with GREAT COOLING options for your entire BODY. (This summer has just been so brutal.)

For the month of August, with every Phyto Corrective Masque purchase you?ll also get a FREE SunBum Cool Down Lotion AND a FREE travel-fan. (You can redeem this offer in the office, over the phone at 215-923-5001, or online with Coupon code XMASRULES)