Briana’s February Product Pick

Hi! I’m Briana! As a skin care junkie, I love trying (almost) every product I come across. Here is my FAVORITE pick for February 2016.

Enriched-Nighttime Restore is what I like to call my “beauty sleep in a jar”. As a perpetual sufferer of super-dry skin –? and having worked in the skin care world for the past 3-years — I have experimented with a million different products hoping to find that one white-unicorn that will make my skin feel happy… even on the coldest, windiest, winteriest day. So far, “Enriched Nighttime Restore” has been the best solution for my dry-dry-DRY-skin issue. (Even though I’m 23, I also appreciate the anti-aging ingredients; stem cells, antioxidants, and peptides. Prevention is key in skin care!)

With a combination of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, this product allows me to nourish my dry skin, and improves my skin’s appearance overnight. (I especially love using?this?moisturizer after a really cold Winter’s day when my skin feels extra-parched.)

best philadelphia skincare february

Unique Application.
In order to preserve the ingredients’ efficacy, Enriched Nighttime Restore features an interesting, air-tight pump-system. After you take off the lid, you press down on the entire top of the container, and the product that comes out is the perfect amount for your entire face and neck. (In addition to helping the integrity of the product, this also seems more hygienic — no fingers actually are going into the product.)

I apply this every night to my face and neck, however if needed it could also be applied to the back of hands to help moisturize / restore.

This cream can technically be applied both morning and night, however I currently only apply this at night so that my skin can really soak up (and benefit from) the intense hydration. (I have. too. many. other. things. to apply to my face in the morning, plus my moisturizing sunscreen helps tide me over until my nighttime-moisturizing sesh.)

Philadelphia skin moisturizer

What does it feel like?
With this product there is no stinging, no irritation, no tingling — just a soothing, rich feel.

How long does it last?
It is hard to predict how long this product will last, I’ve been using it everyday for the past 2-months and the bottle still feels semi-full. Since I only use it once a day, I’m expecting to get about 4+ months out of it.

How much?
$75.00 for a 2 oz. jar

Compared to the other products offered at About Face, this cream actually does have a very distinct scent; it’s lightly floral, yet clean and fresh smelling at the same time. I love applying this right before I go to bed, because then my pillow picks up the scent, and it’s so calming that it helps me fall asleep.

This feels amazing on the skin after procedures; lasers, chemical peels, Retinol abuse (it’s been known to happen), this is the ultimate skin-soother for any distressed skin.

Despite the light-floral scent my boyfriend also loves this product, and I have caught him red-handed using it — multiple times!

I can’t find this jawn on the online store!
Our bad.We’ve had this product for a few months now, but have been too busy to get professional, website-worthy product photographs. (Soon though!) In the meantime…

How to buy?
We like to make your life simple. Whatever is the most convenient for you, we can accommodate; you can purchase online (just email me at, in the office, or over the phone (215-923-5001). Enjoy!