Briana’s June Product Pick

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My?product of the month is going to be a bit different this time versus previous months, because for June I’m going to gear towards my other obsession: makeup products.

I?am so excited to announce our NEW DERMABLEND PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP!!!

As a free-lance makeup artist, I have experimented with almost every brand you can think of, and while some are certainly better than others, the wide variety of options is wonderful because it lets each individual person concoct a cosmetic cocktail that best fits their needs.

For this month, I am very EXCITED to review DermaBlend?s Cover Cr?me Foundation.

If you are not familiar with DermaBlend, it is a medical-grade cosmetic brand that offers highly-pigmented coverage ? but is formulated to be gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin. (Seriously, look at these before + after pictures!)

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My product pick is the Cover Cr?me Foundation because it is something that everyone can benefit from, and it?s awesome for summer because:

  1. It?s made with minerals so it will help absorb any sweat / oil your face is producing during the day
  2. Provides light-weight coverage so your skin looks better, but you don?t feel like anything is on your skin
  3. It has an SPF-35!



We brought DermaBlend into About Face as an option for our Acne and Injection patients ? this way they have an option to safely cover-up any blemishes or bruises until their skin fully heals. (These products are all non-acnegenic, sensitive skin approved, and dermatologist tested! They can be used on the most delicate of skin without any issue.)


Cover Cr?me provides great coverage that is so efficient it can camouflage away skin conditions as drastic as tattoos, Melasma, Rosacea, and Vitiligo. (Again ? look at the pics!)

But, even if you don?t have a specific skin-issue that you want to cover-up, this product is great for anyone who is just looking to achieve a super-even, perfect skin-tone.

Additionally, since this brand was developed to help people with severe skin discolorations ? there is a color available to match just about every skin-color under the rainbow! (You can find your best match here.)


I personally use the Cover Cr?me daily (after applying my Sente and sunscreen, of course.) I find that after I apply it, the heat of my body helps the product somehow melt into my skin for an extremely natural-looking, flattering finish.


Because this product is so highly-pigmented, a little bit goes a lonnnnnng way. The $35.00 price-tag seems very inexpensive compared to how much product you are really getting, and how long it will last you.


If you?d like to learn more about how to use this product, you can watch my video debut below. 🙂