Briana’s May Product Pick

Happy May!

FINALLY: some weather we can?enjoy? and some weather we may not enjoy. (When is the last time we?ve had so much terrible hair-weather / rain?! #mood)

As we head into the official start of summer, I would like to this opportunity to address the “I don’t need to wear sunscreen!” comments that are frequently heard.


young skin philadelphiaJust look at me. I?m a 45-year old woman, with the skin of a 12-year old. Why? BecauseSunscreen.

Just kidding. (I?m really a 24-year old woman, with the skin of an 18-year old. Why? BecauseSunscreen, and good genes. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

But, seriously.

Sunscreen should not be an option. If you want to take care of yourself and your skin, sunscreen needs to be a daily MUST.

You can click here for the most recent scare-you-straight skin-cancer stats, but in a nut-shell: even though Skin-Cancer Awareness is at an all-time high, more cases than ever before are being reported.


The damage is cumulative, and even current sunscreen-evangelists may have to pay the price for past sun exposure.

By protecting yourself now, you are helping to prevent anything from getting worse, and maintaining what you?ve got.

But anyway, I digress ? you need to use a sunscreen for so many reasons, but this ?Product of the Month? isn?t supposed to be a rant, it?s really meant to introduce to you my pick for the best sunscreen ever….

What: This product is About Face’s #1 selling sunscreen: Porification Protect! ($39.00 for a tube of 4.0 fl. oz., this product should last you through the summer.)

This product is incredible and I use it every single day!

It?s best attributes?

  • Broad-spectrum SPF-50
  • Universal tint, which helps camouflage any skin redness, and prevents the white-caste sunscreen can sometimes give your skin in flash-photography
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Green Tea, Vitamin E, and Caffeine
  • Non-comedogenic (won?t clog your pores or make you break-out!)
  • NO sunscreen smell
  • Matte finish
  • Provides both a physical and chemical sun-block
  • Great primer (if you?re using makeup too)

It?s best, BEST attribute?

  • It does NOT feel like a sunscreen! This product just seems like a moisturizer or antiaging cream that you might use, and it just so happens to also provide an SPF of 50.


best sunscreen philadelphia

If you are going to be diligent about sun-protection, it helps if you?re using a product that?s a pleasure to use. Porification Protect provides your skin great coverage, but it doesn?t feel like a sunscreen. (It doesn?t smell like a sunscreen, it?s not slippery like usual sunscreen, and once it?s applied ? you can touch your face and not even feel that it?s on.)

When: ?A very common misconception about sunscreen is that if it’s not a sunny day, you don?t need sun protection.

People, come on wit? it!

Unless it is night-time or completely cloudy and pouring rain, the sun is in the sky and your skin needs protection. (All the places you?re getting sun exposure when you think you?re safe? In the car, sitting by a window, walking around the city, etc.)

This product should be applied to your face (right before you put on your makeup, if you?re wearing makeup) before you leave the house. If you?re going to be out in the sun: at the beach or by a pool, you?ll want to reapply every 2-hours.

Who: This product is great for EVERYONE, regardless of skin type, regardless of skin concerns. I am always recommending this to all of my family and friends, and I love converting them into sunscreen lovers.

How:? A little goes a long way. You likely only need a pea-size amount to appropriately cover your entire face.

Pro-tip: Try to keep this away from your eye-balls. (If you get any in your eyes, it may sting for a few moments.)

Where: Although technically this sunscreen can be used on any skin you want to protect from the sun, it is meant specifically for the face. (You can use it on your body, but all of the extra-goodies: the antioxidants, the tint, the moisturizing; are kind of a waste for your shoulders and back.

This is wonderful for your neck, d?colletage and back-of-hands though.

In the end: You can purchase this sunscreen in the office, over the phone, or online, and trust me — this is one product you NEED to have in your skincare arsenal this summer.