Can this pillowcase give you perfect, wrinkle-free skin?


You?ve probably heard that sleeping on your face can contribute to wrinkles, but no matter how hard you might try to control this ? it is quite likely during the course of the night you?ll move around and inevitably wake up in the morning facedown, with your face all smooshed into your pillow with weird lines and creases all over.

With this in mind, when we first heard about ?The Pillowcase?, which is made from a fabric that’s supposed to be gentle and even hydrating to skin, we HAD to try it out.

According to the company, its proprietary fabric has a special weave pattern and a blend of “natural cellulosic fibers and synthetic microfibers”. They claim that this fabric doesn’t suck moisture from skin in the way that a standard cotton pillowcase might, which prevents wrinkles from forming over time. Additionally, the pillowcase has a zippered end, and fits your pillow (available in either standard or King size) extremely snugly. Because it is so fitted to the pillow, it is impossible for any lines or creases to form in the material, thereby preventing any unwanted lines or wrinkles to occur on your face.

All those claims obviously sound awesome, but how legit are they? We asked resident wrinkle-expert Sarah Sidiqi, Nurse Practitioner, who has worked in aesthetic medicine for over ten years.

First, are wrinkles created while we’re sleeping really something we need to be worrying about? “Anecdotally, I see patients with more wrinkles and general flattening on the side of their face that they sleep on,” says Sidiqi. “The best position to sleep in with respect to facial aging is on your back.”

Nighttime is also an important period for skin health: “Our skin cells behave according to circadian rhythms,” explains Sidiqi. “Skin cells divide most at night, so it is considered an important time for skin?s rest and repair. Also, skin hydration levels decrease at night, so moisturizing is especially important then.” So, it is especially important to make sure you are taking care of your skin (and applying the appropriate products) before you go to bed.

As for a moisturizing pillowcase? It might be a good idea. “Pillowcases with specialized fabrics may help reduce the development of wrinkles over time,” says Sidiqi. Although she says there hasn’t been enough research on these types of pillowcases and their effect on wrinkles, she does think the technology shows promise. “There have been huge advances in textiles, in some cases allowing sweat to be wicked away from the skin and in others allowing hydration to stay on skin’s surface,” she says. And though the exact effects of these fabrics on skin haven’t been proven, Sarah is confident that they “certainly can’t hurt.”

We?ve been sleeping on ?The Pillowcase? for about a month, and while there is no doubt that it is crazy-soft and cozy, it?s hard to say if there are any major differences in our skin. But — we also can’t remember the last time I woke up with pillow-face. We’ll take it. 🙂