12+ Philly small-businesses offer an elevated-wellness pop-up event. Sip, taste, demo, breathe and stretch your way through our venue.

Cheats to Achieve Your Best Life

Join us for a night of wellness designed to simplify + enhance your life:

  • Life-Changing* Swag Bag Valued $250.00+: Take home a bag full of ways to start enhancing an easier, more efficient life; stainless-steel, insulated Martini shaped thermos with engraving designed by YOU, comfy cozy grippy socks, velour hair-drying turban, serenity inducing candle, and so much more.
  • Could you use a quick burst of energy? Inject some pep in your step with a complimentary B12 shot from City Hydration
  • Think your scalp may be contributing to hair troubles? Find out with a scalp consultation and assessment! (BONUS: Are your follicles not cooperating with your desired tress length / thickness? Run your fingers through some extension samples.)
  • Experiencing tension and tightness? Check-out Spontaneous Muscle Release with Rhiannon, one of the 10 certified-experts in the country!
  • Want to save time EVERY DAY by NOT worrying about unwanted hairs? Demo the gold-standard of removal, which will also prevent in-grown hairs, and eliminate extraneous self-consciousness.
  • Hate laundry, love feeling and looking good? Enjoy the luxury of personal shopping exclusive athleisure that can take you from the gym to dinner.
  • Constantly strapped for time? Stop by Wellness With Beth for 60-seconds that will change your day, and learn how to craft an easy workweek dinner-menu that anyone can make.
  • Trying to lose an amount of weight that feels impossible? Talk to an About Face expert about a break-through, FDA approved, celebrity loved appetite-hack.


PLUS: This event features all Philadelphia based small-businesses. Enjoy fresh-squeezed juices and cocktails from Main Squeeze, mingle with other like-minded community members, nibble locally sourced goodies from Sweet Delicious, and so much more!

*Changed life results not necessarily guaranteed, but time with Life Coach Coral Edwards will certainly help. Quick consults available with her at event on a first-come basis.


Studio South Philly

Studio South Philly is a curated collection of activewear for the woman trying to do it all. Our clothes work for the whole day so you can save time and feel put together while accomplishing everything you want to do.

Be Well With Beth

Beth Auguste is a dietitian, nutritionist, women’s fitness specialist and mom who gets that it’s HARD to prioritize yourself in early parenthood. She’s here to help you feel your best – even amidst the chaos.

Stop by Beth’s table for a Quickie… 60 seconds that will change your day, and get a grocery list for 5 easy weekday recipes that anyone can make.

Coral Edwards, MS, ACC, ICF-Credentialed Evidence-Based Coach 

As a working mom and an evidence-based coach, Coral can relate to what you’re going through — and she can provide evidence-based models & frameworks to help you grow through it. Her coaching will help you expand the tools in your toolbox and respond to your needs in a way that’s uniquely suited to you and your circumstances. 

In coaching with Coral, you will: 

* Explore what work/life integration looks like to you

* Get tools tailored to manage your needs

* Integrate “mom”-you with you-you

* Feel more grounded, connected, and at peace

Rhiannon Seymone, LMBT, ATMAT, SMRT, DNA, IHPS, CCH

You can try to force change, or you can inspire it. Rhiannon specializes in inspiring healing through gentle deep tissue techniques that balance the root of your body, mind, and spirit. Certified in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, full-body certified in Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, and a natural at SomatoEnergetic Bodywork, clients say that Rhiannon’s sessions are “lifesaving,” “spiritual and personal and out of this world,” and “like I had a year’s worth of therapy in an hour and a half.”

Stephanie Algayer

Stephanie has a passion for the hair industry, and works directly with Goldwell Luxury Haircare, Keratin Complex, and Hairtalk Extensions. Her goal is to always over-deliver on expectations and go above and beyond for her clients. Stephanie is one of the only scalp experts in Philadelphia, and offers a specialty service to anaylyze and treat the scalp in order to allow for maximum hair growth and health. Her scalp-facial detoxes and hyrdates the scalp, and as a bonus is helps stimulate hair-growth.
Main Squeeze is a smoothie bar that specializes in acai and smoothie bowls, juices & more. It is our belief that eating healthier shouldn’t have to be a sacrifice. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing healthy eating options that are not only good for you, but also delicious and fulfilling. We get fresh produce daily and our homemade granola and toppings are made in house with love. All of our ingredients provide for a delicious, quick and healthy meal.
Delicious Sweets offers year-round dessert favorites to satisfy your sweet tooth. Selection varies seasonally, but an assortment of tempting cookies, mini cakes, cake pops, pizzelles, brownies and biscotti are always available.