Day 11: TruSculpt Body-Contouring Bundle

Tighten + contour your body with this TruSculpt series!

Includes 4x treatments of one large area (your choice; stomach, flanks, buttocks, and more!) and 4x treatments of one small area (knees, necks, etc.).

TruSculpt Body Contouring uses Radio-Frequency energy to destroy fat-cells and tighten skin, and is FDA-approved to reduce cellulite. ?

Regular price:? $7,000 (Each large area is regularly $1,100, each small area is regularly $650)

Promo Price: $3,999


What to do? If you’re interested in this offer, please call now at 215-923-5001. This offer is ONLY available TODAY.

The fine print:

This treatment is safe for all skin types.

Will this be a gift? Just let us know so that we can include the appropriate packaging.

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