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Treat yourself (or a loved one) to the gift of a plumped-up pout. (Click HERE to purchase online.) 

Lip enhancements are a HUGE trend right now.However.Please know that with this Holiday Bundle, your treatment will be completely customized to you.Your results can veer towards the more dramatic (if that’s what you want) or the more natural-looking (if that’s what you want.)The goal is to make you happy, and this Lip Bundle includes all the tools to accomplish that.

LIP BUNDLE INCLUDES: 2x-Vials of Dermal Filler + Lip Healing Products

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Did you know you had all of these lip-injection options?

  • 1x Vial to Plump / Volumize Lips (Reg. $650.00)
    Add Lip volume, wherever desired!

    • Fill-out top-lip
    • Plump-up bottom-lip
    • Correct any natural asymmetries
    • Your injector will help you select the best dermal-filler for you!
  • Half-Vial to Fine-Tune Lips (Reg. $450.00)
    Your second vial (half the size of the first) is to allow for lip perfection.

    • Define your lip-border
    • Fill-in any “lipstick-bleed lines”or vertical lip-lines
    • Enhance Cupid’s Bow
    • Enhance Philtral Columns (Subconsciously our eyes’ process this feature as a symbol of beauty.)
      • Half-Vial: Restylane
        philadelphia lip injections philtral columns
  • 1x Vial of Arnica Tablets (Reg. $5.00)
    In case of any bruising or swelling (very common for such a sensitive area), Arnica tablets will be given to you in order to speed recovery-time.
  • 1x SPF-15 Lip Balm
    Hydrate and protect your lips with this Mint flavored balm
Take advantage while you can! (No other coupons or promotions can apply.)


Regular Pricing: $1,200.00

Promo Pricing: $799



  • Both vials can only be used for lips (or immediate surrounding area) and must be used at the same time, by the same person — whenever you like between now and 12/30/17.
  • Depending on the selected products for you, we’ll help you with any appropriate Reward Programs.
  • To help prevent bruising, you’ll want to avoid these things.
  • To help make the treatment as comfortable for you as possible, when you schedule — we’d like you to come in about 45-minutes prior to the actual injections in order to have a topical numbing-cream applied.
  • The lips are a VERY sensitive area, and it is almost impossible to not have some swelling after treatment. (You’ll look great immediately after, but the 1st morning after your treatment is going to be the worst of it. Swelling can last up to 2-weeks, but usually goes away after a few days.) Please keep this in mind, and do not schedule this treatment right before a big event.
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What is the “12 Days of Christmas”?

To celebrate the holidays and help you best *present* yourself and your loved ones (see what we did there? ?) About Face Skin Care will be featuring daily beauty flash-sales, starting on December 1, 2016.

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How does it work?

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