Do you recognize this 40-year old super model?

I realize I am about 2-weeks too late with this observation, but Heidi Klum’s reverse-visit to the Fountain of Youth is extremely intriguing.

For Halloween, the costume-loving super-model/mogul took one of her biggest fears by the horns. Instead of dressing up as a vampire, zombie, or other hair-raising nether-creature, Heidi Klum instead transformed herself into THE biggest monster a model faces: Older.

Granted, fun-loving Heidi can’t help but to style herself as a sexy old-woman (my grandmother would never wear a sleeveless, low-cut blouse, and bare legs? Fuhgeedaboudit.), the costume is so unexpected, telling, and brave. Recently turning the big 4-0, Klum shared with People magazine that “there was so much talk about me turning 40 this year and what it felt like to be older. I thought, really? I will show you old!”

Heidi Klum sexy old lady

Enlisting Oscar award make-up people to transform herself, no aging detail was overlooked.

heidi klum gets old

Sun-spots, textured varicose veins, loose, saggy skin, and limp gray hair competed the visage. I can’t even imagine how the made her skin look like this.

Dressing like this had to have been therapeutic for Ms. Klum. When you look the way she does at age 40, (inevitably due to a combination of good genes and available “resources”) Heidi is all but guarenteed to remain beautiful indefinitely. Surely age is a model’s worst enemy, and Heidi mentally prepared herself for the inevitable passage of time by transforming herself into the most extreme, unwanted version of this. Despite spending hours and lots of money to attain this elderly appearance, at the end of the night she got to take it all off, and revel once again in her 40-year old glory.