Does Exercise Effect Botox Results?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the demand for aesthetic-injections saw a 10% rise in popularity over the last year.

However, misinformation about one of the most popular injection treatments, Botox still exist. According to experts,

It has been thought that frequent exercise causes Botox to wear off. This is incorrect.

Instead, people often strain their muscles while exercising, which causes contraction, says new expert information.

It is true that exercising right after receiving Botox may reduce the results. Experts suggest clients refrain from exercising for 24-hours after Botox* injections as exercise increases blood flow through the muscles and can potentially diffuse the Botox. However, patients should contract the muscles injected with Botox for about an hour after treatment. This allows the Botox to flow into the muscle, and it has a more long-lasting effect.

* This information applies to Dysport too!

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