Dr. Travis and TruSculpt fat-melting

Our beloved fat-melting/skin-tightening/cellulite-reducing treatment was recently featured on the Doctors, and cutie-pie Dr. Travis Stork had no problem asking all the hard questions.

Contrary to popular belief, TruSculpt treatments are not meant as a way to lose weight. In fact, if you are over-weight, you can’t even have this treatment! (TruSculpt procedures are recommended for people with BMI’s less than 30.) Instead, the treatments are actually designed to help that person that is already in pretty good shape, and just has that one (or two) problem area(s).

Denise, as featured on the Doctors, is the perfect candidate. As a 43-year old mother of three, she has lost most of the weight from her pregnancies, but is bothered by the remaining fat and loose skin around her stomach. TruSculpt treatments are the perfect thing for body-contouring a person like her.

Check out the clip here!