Dude?s Clues for solving the Great Acne Mystery

Hey Brah. Not to get all Sherlock Holmes about your acne situation, but where you are breaking out can hold the clue to why you are breaking out.

To help pin-point your break-out culprits, where exactly are your breakouts occurring?

1. Forehead

What you regularly put on your head?whether it?s a sports-helmet or a baseball cap? might be good for your safety / style, but bad for your skin.

Unbeknownst to you, your “topper” of choice is likely harboring bacteria, oil and dirt ? and transferring it right onto your face! Are you sweating while wearing head-gear? Unless you’re washing your hats often, that old sweat is pushed up against your skin every time you wear that hat/helmet.

There is no need to sacrifice safety or style so skin stays clear though. Make sure to wipe down the inside of your helmet with rubbing alcohol after each use, or toss the cap in the washing machine once a week to banish bacteria. By keeping your hats and helmets clean, and keep your forehead clear.

2. Cheeks

If you?re noticing breakouts on your cheeks, pay close attention to your hand habits, especially when you?re working on your computer, watching TV, or sleeping. If you have a tendency to put your hands anywhere near your face, anything on your hands (food, grease, germs, etc.) is being transferred to your face.

Try to train yourself out of this habit by being more cognizant of where your hands are. If you can?t seem to curb your wandering hands, then at the very least make sure to keep your hands clean with regular washings and a handy tube of antibacterial gel.

Along these same lines, if you are talking on the phone often, make sure to also keep your screen/receiver clean. Similarly to your hands (or a hat) the accumulated germs and bacteria on your phone are in direct contact with your cheeks everytime you press it up against your face. Ew!

3. Jaw-line

Are your break-outs concentrated along your jaw-line? What good is a clean-shaven face if it just showcases a beard of blemishes?

Whatever your shaving style may be, it could be your tools that are causing the break-outs. Dirty razors can harbor breakout-causing germs. Help keep your jaw free of hair and zits by putting your razor in a cup of rubbing alcohol for about 5-minutes before you shave each day. By using a disinfected, bacteria-free razor, you should notice a reduction in the amount of shaving-induced breakouts.

4. Kinda all over your face?

Evil Milk logoAccording to some researchers, it is thought that milk consumption leads to acne break-outs. (Studies show that milk digestion can cause an increase of production of sebum, which clogs pores and causes break-outs.) Although this theory is not 100% verified, it is an easy enough test to try and see if your skin benefits from a dairy-free diet. Try switching to a non-dairy alternative (like almond milk) and see if your skin positively changes.

(To improve your skin even more with diet changes, there are also those that believe a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates may also reduce breakouts. Just like with milk, it is an easy experiment to either prove or disprove based on how your own skin responds!)

5. Body Acne: Back, Chest, Shoulders, etc.

prevent body acne Getting your heart pumping and muscles working is great for your health and your body, but unfortunately all that sweating might cause some unwanted complications for your skin…

To get the benefits of exercise while keeping body-breakouts under control, there are a few courses of action you can take.

First, although it might seem weird to think about ? your gym outfits might be contributing to acne. Ideally, you should wear lightweight, loose-fitting fabrics that let sweat out and allows your skin to breathe. (You may want to choose lightweight cotton, which traps less moisture compared to thicker materials. The newer, moisture-wicking fabrics are also good for anti-acne gym attire.) ?

Secondly, you should shower as soon as possible after a sweat session. The less time you allow sweat, oil, and dirt to marinate on your skin ? the better!

Lastly, make sure you are using the best cleanser for your skin situation. If acne is a problem you are combating on your back or chest, you should not be afraid to utilize an acne-fighting wash for your body. Feel free to use the same acne fighting face-wash on your problem body areas, or look for a body-wash that is specifically designed to combat body acne. (Look for ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, or Glycolic Acid.) Toss a bottle of your choice wash into your gym bag, and always be ready to wash and treat your skin as soon as you hit the locker room.