Explicit: Molly Sims shares every flaw on her face.

Molly Sims, the All-American blonde-beauty who has been a super-model for as long as I can remember, recently admitted to the world that she is human, wrinkles, pimples, brown-spots and all.To prove her point, she shared this explicit critique of her naked, zoomed in, well-lit face:

Molly sims botox thermage philadelphia

Photo credit: courtesy of Gia Canali/Harper Collins

Fortunately, she has a slew of beauty tricks up her sleeve to keep her looking flawless, indefinitely.

Despite the perfect visage she relays in all ads and appearances, Sims reassuringly reveals that by the time she was 30 years old, ?”[her] forehead had more lines on it than a football field.” (In some weird way, doesn?t it make you feel better to know that people who are professional visions of perfection, a.) also see flaws in themselves, and b.) are doing the same things that everyone else is in order to feel better about said flaws?)

To get rid of that forehead-football-field, Sims, 41 years old, goes on to share that “[she gets] Botox every three to six months like clockwork,” except while pregnant. (Which, she currently is, with her second child.)

In order to keep the rest of her skin firm and tight, Molly says that she relies on Gwyneth?s preferred laser treatmentThermage, a collagen-boosting radio frequency treatment that keeps ?things tight?.

Surprisingly, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model also reveals that she’s struggled with cystic acne for her entire adult life. Although prescription Accutane helped clear her skin, she swears by another secret weapon: New Chapter prenatal vitamins. “I’ve taken them religiously since I turned 30. They are excellent for healthy skin, hair, and nails,” she believes.

Molly Sims continues to look immaculate to us, however with these tidbits from her new book, The Everyday Supermodel, Sims makes herself seem more like a regular, everyday (albeit, gorgeous) person.

“I don’t want women to think I’m Photoshopped,” Molly explains in her book. That’s why she feels good about sharing her naked, zoomed in, face-map to the world, so that everyone can see her perceived flaws on her famous face.

Kudos to her empathy and forthcomingness.