Finally, a cure for even the most resistant Acne!

Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, and Jessica Simpson all hawk one of the most popular ones, and a trip to the beauty-counter or drug-store will cement the idea: when it comes to acne products, there are a lot of options!

Despite the multitude of brands, formulations, gels, creams, pills, and strengths available, there remains a segment of acne sufferers who are non-responsive to treatment. No matter what they do, their persistent acne stubbornly remains.

Sadly, some of these people give-up hope of ever having clear skin, and recently, a patient of ours who suffered from skin like this actually admitted to thoughts of suicide because of it. She never wanted to leave the house, and when she did, she always felt extremely self-conscious about the way she looked. It got to the point where she didn?t want to continue living a life where she was constantly embarrassed about having to make any eye-to-eye interactions with people. She couldn’t stand to think about what they were thinking about her.

Fortunately for those suffering with similar skin troubles, there have been leaps and bounds made in technology. When dealing with even the most stubborn acne problem, there is now a brand-new version of a classic acne-fighting device.

Isolaz 2Meet the Isolaz 2; the revamped and improved version of the original Isolaz.

The Isolaz 2 presents a new, deadlier force against acne; using a combination of clinically proven acne-clearing tactics:?

  1. Vacuum extraction is utilized for deep pore cleansing
  2. A quick flash of intense Broadband light is concurrently used to:
    * Destroy lingering acne causing bacteria
    * Promote quicker healing
    * Reduce the amount of oil your sebaceous glands will create in the future

These simultaneous processes help to thoroughly clean out any current acne problems, while preventing break-outs and scarring in the future.

?The Isolaz technology is an invaluable tool that sets me apart as a skin specialist; these days, patients want non-systemic and no downtime yet effective acne treatments and Isolaz technology offers all of the above,? said Dr. Kenneth Beer, MD., PA., founder of Kenneth Beer MD PA, General, Cosmetic And Surgical Dermatology and voluntary assistant professor at the University of Miami and a consulting associate in the Department of Medicine at Duke University.

One of the differences between the Isolaz 2 and the original Isolaz is that there is now a wider variety of? ?tip? (the part of the device that actually comes in contact with your skin) sizes. By having increased flexibility with the tip size, the Isolaz 2 enables the patient to have quicker, and more comfortable treatments. Plus, this new modality makes it easier to use the Isolaz to treat break-outs on body parts other than the face, such as the back or chest.

Isolaz 2 uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy combined with vacuum technology clinically proven to safely and effectively treat acne.

  • First, a vacuum removes debris trapped in the pore. (If the Isolaz isn?t able to fully clean the clogged pore, it at least brings the trapped debris closer to the surface of the skin, where it is then manually extracted)
    Look at what the Isolaz sucked out
  • Second, broadband light purifies the pore by destroying acne-causing bacteria, damaging the sebaceous gland, and helping promote a quicker healing process.

How does the Isolaz get rid of Acne?

Isolaz 2 treatment tips come in small, medium and large sizes along with various lamp filters, and due to multiple settings combinations available, each patient receives an acne treatment that is completely customized to their specific skin needs and facial structure.

Isolaz 2 different tip sizes

Understandably, the owners of the Isolaz 2 are very proud of their acne-fighting advancements. ?We are very excited about the expanded options Isolaz 2 creates for both physician and patients,? said Stephen J. Fanning, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Solta Medical, Inc. ?Isolaz 2 is a fast, comfortable and non-systemic way to treat acne for almost immediate results and fewer breakouts over time. Isolaz 2 is safe for all skin types, setting it apart from competitors.?

Clinical studies have shown drying and flattening of lesions within 24-48 hours post treatment. Patients have also reported seeing a decrease in the amount of oil production starting after the first treatment, and also a significant decrease in number, frequency and severity of break-outs.

Perhaps most inspiring, the Isolaz 2 provides options? and hope? for those acne sufferers who were unable to get the results they wanted from other acne products. During the study period, participants who reported being ?non-responders? to oral acne medications (such as Accutane), Acne topical treatments (i.e. Proactiv), and other acne lasers, were finally able to get acne clearing results with the Isolaz 2. These participants reported experiencing over a 75% reduction in lesions (pimples) within two months!

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