Game-Changer for Aggressive Treatments

pro-nox philly

We think Pro-Nox is going to be an absolute game changer for a lot of our treatments BECAUSE you can now get better results, quicker and easier than ever before:

Pro-Nox is a compact little device that mixes nitrous oxide and oxygen, and makes it accessible through a breathing port YOU control. After a few deep breaths, Pro-Nox helps you relax and not focus on any discomfort. (You will still feel your treatment, you just won’t care about it.)

Depending on the amount of relief you want, you can take frequent deep inhalations, or a few shallow breaths —whatever is needed to make yourself comfortable.

The great news is that this option is super-safe, and has been used in the medical world for over a hundred years. It is impossible to take in a harmful amount, and the feeling dissipates within 5-minutes so you are safe to drive home.

We love using Pro-Nox with our more anxiety-inducing treatments because if we remove the pain / stress component from your visit, we can comfortably use the most aggressive settings to quickly, safely, happily get you the best results possible.

Whether you’re getting lip injections, OPL, Sculptra, Morpheus8 or even if you’re just really apprehensive about a little Botox treatment — Pro-Nox can now make the experience so much easier for you.