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Brilliant Distinctions (BD) is the Rewards Program that gives you points for each Allergan treatment you received.

These points convert into dollar-savings, that you can redeem for future treatments and purchases.

How BD works:

1. Earn Points with each participating treatment and / or product purchase

2. You will get $10 for every 100-points

3. Redeem your points for money off at your next visit.

You’ll earn points every time you purchase an Allergan product, including:

* Botox Cosmetic (200-points per treatment, within 90-days)

* Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus (200-points per vial)

* Voluma, Volbella, Vollure (Voluma is 300-points per vial, Vollure and Volbella are 200-points per vial)

* Latisse Eye Lash Serum (150-points for the 5mL kit)

* Skin Medica Chemical Peels and Skin Care products (Points amount will very depending on product, between 25-100 points)

* Kybella Jaw Contouring Injections (400-points)

Please note, point amounts are reflective of values at April 7, 2017, and are subject to change in the future. Your app will keep you notified should this occur.

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For NEW Brilliant Distinctions members: Download the BD app on your phone, and earn 100 points ($10.00) off your next Allergan treatment / purchase!

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Your Brilliant Distinctions app will allow you to:

philadelphia botox juvederm voluma volbella vollure kybella skinmedica latisse* Manage your Brilliant Distinctions account on the go!

* Easily view your account balance, create coupons, email them or save them to your mobile “wallet

* Keep track of your expiring points

* Access your points and savings, all from one convenient place

* Save coupons in your mobile “wallet” for quick and easy processing