Grooming Messenger “Men’s Dry Winter Skin”

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Man Problem: Dry Winter Skin

How Dry Skin Happens: Skin cells are are composed of about 80% water. When the water content of skin cells dips below the 80% thresh-hold, your skin starts to look, feel and function poorly, skin expert Naomi Fenlin of About Face Skin Care explains.

As a porous membrane, your skin is always trying to balance out its water content with the atmosphere—which, in the winter, is super dry. (Summer’s high-temps and humidity don’t make us lose water into the air around us the way winter weather does.) These dry skin-cells rub up against each other and lose further elasticity, causing friction, cracks, and irritation in the skin.

Add moisture-sapping hot showers and drying radiator-heat to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for chapped, dry skin…

Quick Fix: The pros at About Face Skin Care recommend using Sente Dermal Repair Cream as moisturizer twice a day. It not only delivers immediate, intense hydration, but also evens out your skin tone and texture.

Long-Term Solution: For an easy-to-follow men’s skincare routine for winter, we called Ryan Knowles at Immunocologie, a health-focused, unisex skincare line formulated for all faces.

“It’s not an overnight solution,” Knowles admits. “It’s about nourishing your skin, giving it the nutrients to be healthy over the long-term. So stop rolling your eyes at all the steps (it only takes two minutes!) and listen to the experts on this easy skincare-routine for dudes.

  1. Wash your face daily (if not morning and night).
  2. Exfoliate three times a week to slough off dead, dry winter skin. (Chemical exfoliants, like Salicylic and Glycolic Acid are great for this purpose, they’ll clear away the gunk and bacteria that builds up on and under the skin.)
  3. Apply hyaluronic-serum on your face after washing/exfoliating for deep hydration.
  4. Don’t ignore your eyes! The skin around them is the most delicate area of our face and the first to show wrinkles. (The time to start using eye cream? Before fine lines appear.)
  5. Sunscreen! Yes, your skin still needs the SPF even during Winter, but do your dry skin an extra-favor and look for a moisturizing formula.