Hand Rejuvenation for Better Engagement Ring Selfies

In the age of “selfies”, even engagement rings and the hands wearing them are enjoying their time in the spotlight. (Have you seen Philadelphia’s own homage to this on Philadelphia Wedding Magazine’s blog? It’s a beloved guilty pleasure of ours.)

Although the point of an engagement ring “selfie” is supposed to focus on the ring, some people are instead using the opportunity to scrutinize their own hands. If the ring is perfect, shouldn’t their hands’ be too?

The latest trend for brides-to-be — in their pursuit of bridal perfection — is cosmetic “work” for their hands. Lasers, injections and peels, women now crave the skin on their hands to be as beautiful as the skin on their faces.

When Laura got engaged last fall, she, like thousands of other women, wanted to show off her engagement ring on Instagram, Facebook, and likely Philly Wedding. But after snapping a few photos, she realized she didn’t like the way her hands looked. The 35-year-old from Old City, Philadelphia, turned to dermal-filler injections, in the hopes that it would rejuvenate her hands in order for them to become more “selfie” worthy.

Laura said she was initially unhappy with her hands because she thought they looked “veiny” and “older than the rest of her”. Within minutes of the procedure, Laura was ecstatic with the appearance of her hands. “You can’t see the veins anymore!” she exclaimed.

Filler-injections for the hands take only a few minutes, and the results can last up to 2-years. Since it is simply volume that is being added back to the hands, the results look completely natural and realistic.

radiesse injections hands philadelphia

radiesse hands philadelphia
Hand Injections “Before + After”


In addition to filler-injections for the hands, people are also pursuing laser treatments and chemical peels to improve the appearance of the skin itself.

These treatments reduce and remove any brown-spots, while refreshing the texture of the skin. Fraxel and BBL / OPL treatments target unwanted brown spots and pigmentation, and chemical peels provide an all-over spruce-up.

If the appearance of your hands is something that is truly concerning to you, you owe it to yourself to look into the hand-beautifying options that are available these days. In the right hands (teehee), amazing results are safely and quickly attainable.

In the meantime, your poor hands are subject to as much environmental damage and sun-exposure as your face. To help preserve the appearance of your hands for as long as possible, the easiest thing you can do is simply apply sunscreen to your hands everyday. Make your life easier by just getting into the habit of applying some to the back of your hands right after you do your face. (Pro tip: take your ring off before you put sunscreen off so your beloved, sparkling diamond doesn’t get gunked up with SPF.)

fraxel hands philadelphia
Fraxel on Hands “Before + After”