How does the CLARO compare to other at-home Acne devices?

Life teaches you the hard way that if something sounds too good to be true, chances are there is good reason. When the CLARO first entered our office, it was met with the same scepticism that we would have for any miracle promising skin care product. A device that offered painfree, 6-second, guarenteed Acne removal…? Um, is the Brooklyn Bridge also for sale?

After some research, and hands-on usage, we were signing a different song. Unbelieveably, the CLARO actually does what it promises.

Developed by the makers of acne busting Fraxel and Isolaz, Solta Medical is a company that takes their Acne science seriously. Combining Heat, Light, and three different light energies, tests show that the CLARO actually kills 94.8% of treated Acne bacteria. And, it truly does not hurt. Our staff put the device to the test, and we were all amazed by the results. A horrible break-out on a Friday was erased by Monday. A juicy pimple begging to be popped was gone without a trace. We were sold.

If anyone were to ask us about an at-home Acne device, we would strongly and enthusiastically advocate the CLARO. But, with so many other at-home Acne devices on the market, how can you know which is the best one to get?

Putting the most popular options to the test; including the Tanda, Tria, Zeno, ThermaClear and No! No!, the numbers show that out of the multiple options, for fighting pimples at home CLARO is the best choice.

How does CLARO compare to other at home Acne devices