How mere mortals can attain Blake Lively-esque hair.

As reported in Vogue Magazine, December 2014

Blake Lively?s Pregnancy Hair: Tracing the Beauty Benefits of a Baby Bump



Blake Lively?has inspired a?cult following?for her signature pregnancy style, and her recent lineup of bombshell hair moments has only added to the chorus. Whether she?s hitting the streets with her trademark rumpled waves or the red carpet with a sleek sixties ponytail, Lively is living proof of the added benefit of a baby bump: a thick, glossy, supernaturally great head of hair. Not to mention one that grows with Viviscal-worthy speed: Spotted at the L?Or?al Women of Worth Awards in New York last night with a tumble of waves that almost reached her waist, the actress?s hair (and?darker roots) was noticeably longer than just two months ago. Here, a look at how fashion?s most coveted mane just keeps getting better.

As opined by Becky Fenlin, at About Face Skin Care, on 1/13/15

If someone famous HAD to get increasingly beautiful as they swoll with pending baby, I?m kinda OK with it being Blake Lively. Despite being surreally attractive, there?s still something down-to-earth, girl-next-door about her. Known for her ridiculous body and head of bodacious blonde tendrils, there is something relieving about the fact that she uses Viviscal (and those prenatal vitamins can?t be hurting, either) to help score such envy-inducing hair.

Viviscal is a hair, eye-lash, and finger-nail growing supplement that many models and actresses swear by. (When you are in an industry where your hair, lashes and nails take constant abuse in order to look certain ways, anything that can help keep things healthy can definitely come in handy.) It is recommended to take Viviscal twice a day (morning and night), and maximum results can be seen in 4-months. (However, my shower drain had accumulated significantly less hair after using Viviscal for only a couple of months. And my nails? It is a pleasure to finally have thick, long, non-peeling nails to manicure, and that happened in only a couple of weeks!)

Werq it Blake, stay happy and healthy, and please, please, remain down-to-earth-ish enough to NOT name your baby something ridiculous.?