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How Much Is Your Face Worth?

A woman considers laser scar removal in Philadelphia

A new survey reveals the average daily cost of how much an American woman spends on her face. 

In a recent SkinStore customer survey, it was discovered that the average American spends $8.00 a day on skincare products,
with the average women applying a whopping 16 products minimum to their face – before even leaving the house.

At first, this number of steps may sound shocking, but when you think about the facewash, moisturizer, sunscreen, eyeliner, mascara,
brow products, etc. that are a part of your daily get-ready routine, the number becomes much more relatable.

The 16-Step $8 Daily Face

3,000 women aged between 16-75 were surveyed about their daily beauty regimes, including the costs of their daily products.

From morning cleanser and anti-aging eye cream, to volumizing mascara and lipstick, this is what the normal 16-step regimen looks like:

Women apply an average of 16 skincare and cosmetic products every day

Over 85% of women surveyed counted up that they apply a minimum of 16 products a day to their face, before they leave the house for their duties.
This is a combination of skincare and cosmetics, starting from the facial cleansers they use in the morning, down to the final sweep of blusher.

East Coast women have the most expensive faces

Women in the East Coast of America have the most expensive faces.

Women in New York, Connecticut and West Virginia spend on average $3 more per day, with a ‘face rate’ of $11. This means that the higher-maintenance
East Coasters are applying more products a day to keep on top of a glamorous look, and boasting a more premium, expensive collection of facial products.

West Coast women have the ‘cheapest’ faces in America

Focusing on the other side of America,West Coast women have a much lower cost of their daily faces, averaging at $4.
Women in Utah, Colorado and Montana spend the least with an average daily cost of just $3.50.

New York women spend $300,000 per lifetime

When you do the math for New York women, on average they can spend up to $300,000 per lifetime on skincare / cosmetics, alone! 70% are now using serums,
SPF’s, toners, primers, and highlighters to enhance their skin – a growing beauty step which has become essential within the last couple of years.

Women spend just 10 minutes on their morning faces…

Women’s skincare regimens are quicker than ever, with the average woman spending just 10 minutes on morning skincare and makeup application.

When questioned, it was found that this is largely due to skincare products becoming more advanced and efficient, which results in less steps and less day-to-day time invested.

It appears Californian women take the quickest to get face-ready at just under 3 minutes, but those highly groomed, city women in New York require a much more time-consuming 21 minutes.

…and just 6 minutes at night.

Today’s fast moving lifestyles mean that women have less time for themselves than ever before, and that includes pre-bedtime skincare rituals.
American women take a speedy 6 minutes to completely take off their daily face and perform their evening skincare.