How one Kardashian sibling keeps a lush head of hair

Viviscal Rob Kardashian

In Rob Kardashian?s recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he reveals his secret to bringing back his hair with the help of Viviscal.

Thinning hair has always been a sensitive subject for the 26 year old reality star and business entrepreneur, and it?s great to hear that Rob has been seeing great results after using Viviscal for 3 months:

?With Viviscal, it?s pretty much a supplement that?s 100% drug free that I take everyday alongside with my vitamins. It?s kinda just a fresh little reset button for me. I?ve been going through a lot of stress ? the media is just so negative, they can say the craziest things about our family, about me. I?ve gained a lot of weight since there?s been a lot of stress on me, so literally like I?m starting fresh, growing my hair out again and it?s never been as full as it is now.?

Rob revealed in the interview that one of his sisters introduced him to Viviscal and he hasn?t looked back since.